XIN Session 10

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8/8/2005: Updated with voices!

Session 10 kicks off chapter 2 of the series. We've upgraded the visuals from the last chapter, and we hope everyone enjoys it.:) If you just found out about the series, we encourage that you watch to previous sessions first, and you can also find additional information about the series on our site. Thanks again.



as an anime fan you leave me speechless... great work. Although it would really be cool (Meh... maybe add a point... or two, above max rating.) if there were an english dub... or japanese. Which ever one as long as it's good. (Just a suggestion, since I always like to get deep into anime by listening to the tone of characters... bring out the story more...) <--- I'm very serious about anime... Anywayz great job!!! I expect more work from you!


personally, im not much of a anime person anymore.
let alone a flash anime.
but i have to say, this is a damn good series.
now, bring on the next installment, and "lets get this party started" ^_-

verry good.

this movie is cerry well done , not my type of movie but its still damn good.

some voices should be nice , but thats up 2 U guys.

thumbs up.

I'm take that elaborate analysis of the other guy

Approve it, flip it, stick it, and dish out that I am a big and long time fan of this series, and I gotta say... you've certainly come up from the latter episodes. You manage to maintain the main feel of the series, and you've greatly improved the art, and movement. Shooo- if only I could find what you HAVE so I can start on my shiznit. From better to great. Keep goin' dog, things are lookin' good.

After viewing this i will have to watch the others

Unfortunate that i start only watching this, or rather be introduced to this series by watching the 10th episode. The story and the characters don't seem to interesting at first but are presented really well in a way that make them seem forboding and complex. These elements are magnified by the excellent musical score that is HAND MADE; a rarity in flash animation. Furthermore the music has a rather mysteriousness and a dark and interestingly twisting sense to it. The character presentation and the music really work well together and i hope to see and hear more.

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3.99 / 5.00

Jul 29, 2004
1:53 PM EDT
  • Daily Feature July 30, 2004