XIN Session 10

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8/8/2005: Updated with voices!

Session 10 kicks off chapter 2 of the series. We've upgraded the visuals from the last chapter, and we hope everyone enjoys it.:) If you just found out about the series, we encourage that you watch to previous sessions first, and you can also find additional information about the series on our site. Thanks again.



Good movie u mixed up the music a bit altho its was still cool any way.. I liked how Xin and the rest of the ppl were in it but where was mil Xin isnt Sin with out Mil. I mean hes quick call he has good hair cool close and all that shit but mill should be in the nexst one but make him have a good intro like ppl from dbz well keep up the good work.... But mill has to be in the nexst one plz put him in

Lifepoint1 responds:

Hi Yun-sung, and thanks for the review.
We're sorry to say that Mil won't be in
the next session, which we've already completed, but he will be showing himself eventually, and we'll make sure to give him the full treatment.:)

Quite nice

The graphics and style was very anime-like, I like that. Maybe there is a reason the characters don't have voices but you still might consider it, would make the flash more enjoyable.

I hope to see more

Cheesy ass school related anime

I'd rather be strangling a kitten than watch this again


but if I gave it a 10 I wouldn't have a dark aura now would I.

You need voices

I loved it. The music. The works. But if you voices it would give it a more emotional feel to the whole thing making it all around better. I would like to say that I'm a available for it the , if you choose to do it. I'm available so contact me and that goes for anybody also doing information about movies like this. I'm generally good at voices.

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Jul 29, 2004
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