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rated 2.91 / 5 stars
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Jul 28, 2004 | 8:54 PM EDT

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Sorry, I'm removing this until my portfolio is renewed.



Rated 3 / 5 stars


Well it was pretty decent for your "first work" but out of that whole city there was on 3 people... i think if a city is under attack there is gonna be more then just 3 people and i think they wouldent just stand there :P ill give it a 3


Rated 3 / 5 stars

ok then...

This was really sad, graphics sucked horribly, It clearly shows you didnt use Macromedia Flash MX, or it would be so much better. Thats really the only problem i had with it, but that was a key thing for me:

Overall: 6/10

Farmageddon responds:

Actually, that WAS made with Flash MX. The second one was partially made with Flash MX. All from that point on was made with MX 2004. But this is my first work! Cut me some slack - A steady progression of quality is what I strive for. (I personally think MX 2004 is better than MX.)


Rated 2 / 5 stars


Graphics: Well, for paint it was decent, but you got to use something else besides paint, please. Paint really can't look good. No matter how hard you try.

Style: Well, you promised more into the second one, I really hope I see it. This really sucked style wise, there really wasn't a story line except for the fact that this city gets attacked by a duck-looking plane. And all the people, they just stood there with their damn mouths open, lol, actually made me a laugh a lil'.

Sound: This was great, I loved the song, and the sound effects were grea,t I'm glad you perfected one area in your first movie.

Violence: Yes, buildings blew up, but seriously, the parts of the buildings just...disapeered, it didn't even fly away, come on. And no one died, at least you didn't show that.

Interactivity: Well, you've got the play button, but what about the replay button, or the pause button?

Overall: Failure! Sorry, but this movie doesn't pass. You need a story, plus some god violence and good graphics. Do that, and you'll be fine.

Farmageddon responds:

This was my first movie. Watch the others.


Rated 2 / 5 stars


It was good, and i recognise the animation style, but. . . well, i just didnt get it. Stuff blows up, and people die, thats about it. I think that maybe you should of created a more complex plot. So anyways, good effort.


Rated 1.5 / 5 stars

how can u talk s@#t about other work

how can u talk shit about others work when your animation was so crappy and u got a rating of 4!? just tell me how

Farmageddon responds:

That is actually a very good question. I review flashes as objectively as possible, not relative to my own skill. If a cripple were to judge the gymnastic skills of random people based on his own ability to do flips and such, then he would come to the rather inaccurate conclusion that most people are Olympic-class experts in gymnastics.
You will see that I give credit where it is due, but I also take my own preferences into account to some degree. I tend to make suggestions on how other flashes can be improved, also. If you watch the flashes I review, I bet you would agree with many of the things I have said about them (I give you the benefit of the doubt that you are not a half-brained nitwit, despite your sentence structure in your review).
I will give you another analogy, in case the first one didn't connect with you. A guy who can't cook dinner for his life walks into a restaurant. The food he paid for is really crappy. Even though he can't cook, doesn't he have the right to complain?
I don't know who the hell you are, or how you came upon my movie. But I really don't give a damn. Thank you for making my movie your first review. Now go make your own flash, if you can.