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Cool things 277!

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kay┬┤really didnt understand it but i guess it was okay, maybe its a lock legion thing, but since i havent checked them out, maybe thats why i dont understand....

dun dun duuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuh dun dun daaaaaaaaaah

a good Canadian Flash artist to look up to ;_;


Talk about ecentric! :) When a canon/laser thingy shoots - what will happen to ZillionsLock and who will get payback? Who knows quite honestly as the movie end before we are treated with the answer to that question. Are you ever planning on making an official conclusion of this? The artwork is minimal and constricted to a background and a giant playing card esque creature/lock and a very neat looking background shot of a canon of some sorts. I liked the music - could you please give credit to where on flashkit you got the audio from?


Mp3-Lock responds:


Its Mp3Lock!


That was soo funny because it was soo cheesy... Replay, naah...

Pretty corny.

I like the random shit too, usually a plot has to be there even through all the randomness. The locks are ok I guess but those clocks are a bunch of motherfuckers. Anyway the flash only had 2 things happen and it wasn't random humor it was just a waste.