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Marvin and Joe 2

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This part is in a diffrent graphic style. It is more cartoony, Im happy with the result.

Enjoy. Dekunut

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man that was another awesome , tough id like part 1 better , but this was kewl to , cya

Great improvement.

I was banned from reviewing for ages otherwise I would have reviewed it sooner.

I think the cartoon styling is much better and shows your true potential.

Keep up the good work, I won't review the rest of your current entries just yet because it would take too long and I don't have the time lately, but i'll review any future stuff you do.

ZyneXx responds:

Ok thank you very much! I take the time to respond to every review...so including you.


I admit i dont make flash movies but on that note i very rarely say any are crap because of one word, Rock, they are rock to make so im gonna say a good flash there mate, a little more passion in the plot line, and a more detailed background of details, give give micheal jackson a little kid to walk with and this my friend would be a great flash, keep it up

ZyneXx responds:

Ok thanx! But as you know....Michael J..is innocent..^_^


i liked the first one and i was like yay sequal! the new style surprised me. not sure which one i prefer. this one looks sumwat more "professional" but ya it was still kewl. make another lol.

ZyneXx responds:

Thanx! someday i will...im a bit busy with other projects this moment.

needs better intro... add a background or somethin

some advice, don't overuse the radial... looks very bad this way... if you want to use shadows, use it like you did on the trees... only use drawn graphics, don't put a poster of link in there... doesn't fit...

ZyneXx responds:

Ok thanx 4 the tips