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allright.........all you people have been telling me that my ending sucked..........and theres a good reason for that.........its because i'm going to be making a sequel to it......so lay of my ending until i finish it's sequel......oh and by the way, than you for your comments......

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Funny stuff!

The red sticks dumbassness is pretty funny.
The random music helped the flash out a bit, and the chase scene was pretty funny.
The graphics were pretty well below average, with some basic animation and backdrops.
The ending was pretty poor, I think that it would have been funnier and more ironic the guy got shot though, lol.

Good stuff, nice job!

It was ok

It was ok needs graphic work and diolog went to fast at times slow down a bit but overall not bad funny plot keep working

not bad...

could have been a lot better, but not bad

Funny Simpsons esque humour

That red stick guy reminded me of Homer Simpson a lot, with his sheer dumbness. The random music helped things, and the chase scene was comical. Graphics were below average - basic animation and backdrops, but helped in places (the chase going to the pyramids was funny). Ending was a bit poor - it would have been better if when he said "faster than a speeding bullet" he got shot, for that added irony factor. Fun.


words went kinda fast at times, hard to read

Credits & Info

2.47 / 5.00

May 18, 2001
11:14 PM EDT