Slime Shootout V3.1

July 24, 2004 –
July 26, 2011
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Here is its eulogy, a collection of the kind words written about it while still among the living. They shall live on forever in its place.

Author Comments

This is a largely updated, of an updated, of an updated version,of my first game. It is a huge file and so adding more would be almost impossible. I would appreciate ideas on compressing the video even more.

P.S some of the objects in the game are destructible, cars, windmills ECT.

Soz about the versions but when i think i am finished and i upload it i learn how to do something new.


This is good

it was ok, good use of the camera but the aliens werent very gd

but i doubt a guy with a handgun could save the world, and if he did then the aliens would pose much of a threat to about 500k troops willing to shoot their extraterrestrial brains out.

Very cool to see real time video combined with the flash. (toggling quality helped speed things up a bit for me) I would like to see sequels to this game, good stuff.

well it was neat to have the real time camera affects tie in with the flash graphics. As for controls very simple, and sound affects lacked quality. Animations were well done, and the creatures were quite funny. Some good action gameplay and also a nice style to combine vedio with flash.

Overall a simple game, with a neat plot and and some great click and aim fun

Its a really good orginal game but it gets repetative if you to use the same idea with the video camera through out the house with a game with a good story line or something that would be awesome

nice addition to the slime shootout games.

Make something new about it please! A New Gun, a new Scene, plz cooler looking monsters.

I've played all three versions of this game and let me say you've done very well. The new monster types look great, and you slowed down the their killing ability. The addition of difficulties was a nice touch. This one might make the page. Maybe for your next one you should continue the story and take the fight to a city, with new monster types, and a cooler weapon.

That was pretty good and has a lot of potential. I love how you combined real video with flash, that was really well done. I just thik you should have more variety in monsters and maybe being able to choose your weapon, that would be really cool.

WWWaaaaaayyyyy better than the first one!

Nice, this one is much better,
I like the game

I liked it. It was creative, and it had a purpose, unlike most of the other things that you see in the flash portal.

It is still good for me. Please, I have nothing to say on how you can improve on it. Surprise me.

Dude that was so fucking original and awesome make more

This version is very good. I hope you make more.

like i said on V.3 this is amazing... MORE!!!


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3.40 / 5.00