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A small game I made when I had writers block working on my RPG.

The year is 252525. A new element has been found called Arbitrium. It produces power depedending on how arbitrary the circumstances it is placed in. Produce as many TWH (Toaster Watt Hours) as you possibly can and submit your high score. Toast is of course the food of choice in the future so do not let everyone down!


It can get addictive

I have no clue why this comes off as addictive to me, as it's simply too difficult to get far in. I have no real idea what's going on with the two numbers on the screen. I will say that it is designed very well, and I like the technological setting. It's especially cool how the Japanese text appears and you made a silly backstory for htis game. While not the best I've played, it does take some creativity to come up with that stuff. It's nice that you came up with the scientific idea of using elements.


when I died I said, "That was bull shit! I wanna try again!" Before I realized there was a button that said, "That was bull shit! I want a do-over" XD
8/10 4/5

((( NEAT GAME )))

Cool game, it had some reallt catchy and cool music in the backround, i did find the game somewhat confusing though like the 2 different text types and languages, but also it was sorta hard to see with the intense backrounds, i did like the interesting effects though, anyways good work, keep it up...



Hmm twas alright it would have been better if you made it alot faster it took too long for the balls to warm up.... that isnt going to sound good lol


great animation, it was very fun to play... kinda hard tho, after 3 balls... haha. thanks, keep it up

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2.72 / 5.00

Jul 23, 2004
3:27 AM EDT
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