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Edit: YES! This movie has now gotten a score of 3.50/5.00! wich is the line for an "excellent score" in the portal! Thank you so much for liking it and voting on it!

Original comment: I'm finally finished! This movie took me 1 and a half week but those days have been almost entirely dedicated to flash! I dont know how many hours I've spent on this project, but its quite an amount I am sure.
Its a stick movie, my first ever stick movie, but please look past that fact coz I have really done my best on this one!

Edit: I am aware of that the stick changes size a couple of times during the movie, I noticed this far too late to change that :p .

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That was awsome, it was sticks but funny as hell, the yellow backround was nice, the different size head sticks was cool, and most of all the music was so perfect it fit so well with all the madness and entertainment haha, very funny flash indeed, props to you...



That was brilliant! A good stickman movie is hard to find but this is great! even though the heads are huge the animtion is realllly smmoooooooth and really well done!


Good idea, but the whole stick figure thing has been run over many, many times by n00bs that are just trying to get SOMETHING onto newgrounds, even if it is just stick figures. If you did the exact same thing, but took some more time on the animation so that there was more than just lines, I'd have given this a much higher score.

If you try to be more creative, odds are good that you will do well.

FrostRhino responds:

Wow, my first really bad review, just have to write a response to this.
I wanted to create something original using sticks wich I would animate as smooth as I could.
I also tried to be creative as much as I could, there was never a long fighting scene with 2 sticks just hitting eachother with punches and kicks over and over again for like half a minute. Maybe some people like that but I figured everyone has already seen that many many times so I tried to avoid that by adding own ideas(The tounge, wich I regretted using alittle, and the dog for example).
Too bad you didnt like it, but thanx for the review anyways.

Never thought sticks had such potential!

Good job on this. Good, clean animation and creative use of dog-as-weapon n_n

not too bad but not good

its not a bad movie.

Credits & Info

4.15 / 5.00

Jul 22, 2004
5:20 PM EDT