Banana Phone Live action

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Strongly recommended you see the original first!!!!!
It can be found here; http://www.newgrounds.co

The result of a boring afternoon, too much caffiene, and a quick viewing of our Newgrounds favourite...lead to us doing this...

This is our homage to one of the greatest flash animations of all time, originally submitted by Dave Teatro, Bananaphone has continued to amuse us no matter how many times we see it, and has provided us with timeless quotes such as 'oh...OH...you threw that remote pretty hard...pretty fucking hard man'. So this is our tribute to it.


This is a very great flash

i saw the animated one at ebeumes world. it was better but. god bannana phone sigh great just great.


Proooty cool.

I love it

hey i love the live action. your original is number 1 on my favorite flash list. that is a hilarious song and vidoe.......damn i love you guys.

Not as good as the original..?

Well I thought it was as good or even better then the original. Plus you actually had to act. That not only is what made it all the more better, but it takes a lot of guts too. Keep up the good work!!

The-EXP responds:

thats cool, very cool...thanks alot, all reviews are apreciated... my mom came in and says thanks too....

you see how many peoples' lives you touch by writing this? awwwwww

it was funny

even though you though it was a rip_off it was quite funny and doesnt deserve the bad reviews.it was worth watching and a great tribute to your favorite movie

The-EXP responds:

thanks for the wave of good reviews guys, nice to see some people see it as us appreciating a good thing.

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3.13 / 5.00

Jul 22, 2004
4:23 PM EDT
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