Banana Phone Live action

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Strongly recommended you see the original first!!!!!
It can be found here; http://www.newgrounds.co

The result of a boring afternoon, too much caffiene, and a quick viewing of our Newgrounds favourite...lead to us doing this...

This is our homage to one of the greatest flash animations of all time, originally submitted by Dave Teatro, Bananaphone has continued to amuse us no matter how many times we see it, and has provided us with timeless quotes such as 'oh...OH...you threw that remote pretty hard...pretty fucking hard man'. So this is our tribute to it.



I liked the action... it was just like that animated version. always funny to watch

Ack... The acting was horrible

Sorry man good idea, but the acting sucked and it made the movie less funny.. The original was WAY better... You should work on the acting more and resend it in or something...

The-EXP responds:

(matt)yeah... i'm taking ballet, oh and tony's studying the karma-sutra...but it's not quite the same is it.

loved it

the only problem was the acting who ever those ppl are yur friends im guessing have BAD acting.

The-EXP responds:

(Matt says)... yes, i must admit once more that i am probably the worst actor out of us three, but i have the biggest penis so it works out in the end, thanks for the review WNxAlphaWolf

I definetly like the idea and you did a good job.

Good job, but I think this wont go as far as banana phone did (The origional).

The original is way better

Live action works best for two things; porn and claymation. Though I do give you props for trying, flash isn't the best quality when it comes to actual people.

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3.13 / 5.00

Jul 22, 2004
4:23 PM EDT
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