Banana Phone Live action

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Strongly recommended you see the original first!!!!!
It can be found here; http://www.newgrounds.co

The result of a boring afternoon, too much caffiene, and a quick viewing of our Newgrounds favourite...lead to us doing this...

This is our homage to one of the greatest flash animations of all time, originally submitted by Dave Teatro, Bananaphone has continued to amuse us no matter how many times we see it, and has provided us with timeless quotes such as 'oh...OH...you threw that remote pretty hard...pretty fucking hard man'. So this is our tribute to it.


dude... come on.

Haha.... well you get bonus points for trying. I'm sure before you made this you guys thought it would turn out a lot better than it did. As I'm sure you know, the original was way better. Even so, I wouldn't say I wasted my time watching this, but I definetly would never watch this again. Well if you had fun making it, I guess thats all the matters.


god that sucked.

I appreciate your tribute

I can understand why you guys decided to do a live-action version. The original WAS funnier, but only because there are some things better portrayed through a cartoon. And the guy with the longer hair IS cute. Good job to all.


original was great!!!!!!!!
this was not so......
the guy with the longer hair was cute though.
i'm sure if i had seen this one first it would have been better, but now i'm just comparing it to the first........

Awesome tribute

It was nice how you used the original voices, but some of the scenes didn't translate to real life very well. Still very good, though.

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3.13 / 5.00

Jul 22, 2004
4:23 PM EDT
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