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White House Rats: Epis. 2

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This episode is called "Oedipus Pres"... it's the second of a series called "White House Rats" that will run through till the election.

I'm making it at www.Toonex.org. What we're trying to do is create a site where people can collaborate on making flash movies. Check it out.



Even though I am for Bush, this is pretty funny. Man, I wouldn't want to be him if I had to put up with some rats pretending to be people I know.

Great Job

I would have to say that since this is a one-joke-per-show series, that makes it that much better. You could seriously turn this into a comic strip and it would still be just as funny. Hope you can get the extra help you're needing to make more of these.

This coming election, we'll be forced to choose the lesser of two evil, as we have had to for the past few years. I'm not saying who I'm voting for on account that it's my choice and I wouldn't want to try to influence anyone else.

I'm not a Democrat, but I'm not a Republican either, and no, that doesn't mean I'm voting for Nader. My vote goes to the canidate that I most agree with. Middle on the road is nice, so long as you can avoid the cars coming.

nice job

This was a nice piece of work. It really shows America that maybe should avoid voting for the same retarded president over again.


that was great it really shows geoge at his glory

((( HAHA )))

Haha rats, the rats were cool, and good voice acting aswell, the George bush puppet like george was funny haha, make more rats as they were the best part well george was but them rats are great...


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Jul 22, 2004
11:48 AM EDT
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