"The Final Slice"

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This is my first "real" flash animation, and I think it turned out ok...considering that it is indeed my first one. I realize that the main character seems to be based a little off of the much more popular "Salad Fingers" flash movies...which are great by the way. Just think of it as...a parody.

Edit (May 31st, 2005): Hmm...heh thanks for the positive feedback, I never expected to get anywhere near as much as I did. ...Odd however, that my "Lard in a Can" submission, one which I put no effort at all into years ago, has a higher rating than this one...

Edit (July 28th, 2005): Wow, heh I never thought this would make it into the collection. Thanks for adding it in.



hmm... that was quite surpising! But this is a funny, little short flash! You could improve your Graphics a bit and the Pic at the end!

Brandonh1091 responds:

Yeah, I agree about that pie picture. I'll definantly go back and fix that tomorrow.


That had some humor to it.

It gave me a chuckle.


would give it a 10 but u ruined the fucking surprize

lol! I thaught he was going to kill somebody!

But he ended up killing pie instead haha! what a twist! You do know that im a fruititarian and thats worse than killing a person! Your going to hell!

that was pretty good

it would have been better if you had drawn that out a little longer and made him scream like the finger puppets out of salad fingers but all in all it was a good movie.

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3.01 / 5.00

Jul 22, 2004
3:05 AM EDT
Comedy - Parody