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"The Final Slice"

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This is my first "real" flash animation, and I think it turned out ok...considering that it is indeed my first one. I realize that the main character seems to be based a little off of the much more popular "Salad Fingers" flash movies...which are great by the way. Just think of it as...a parody.

Edit (May 31st, 2005): Hmm...heh thanks for the positive feedback, I never expected to get anywhere near as much as I did. ...Odd however, that my "Lard in a Can" submission, one which I put no effort at all into years ago, has a higher rating than this one...

Edit (July 28th, 2005): Wow, heh I never thought this would make it into the collection. Thanks for adding it in.



that was the most random flash I ever saw.


You sir, are genius...In advertisement! I'm going to go head over to get some pie right now!

Denny's should run this!

Dude that was pretty cool. The creepy style of it set it up perfectly for the joke. I seriously think that Denny's should run this or something just like it. I love Denny's! I wasn't sure what to put for violence though, cause it implies murder, but turns out to be completely innocent, so I just took the middle road and put 5.

I liked it

Mmmm Pie...

get me some pie you wanker lol

You made me smile =)

Not bad

It was good for wahat it was...
Whatever it was...

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3.01 / 5.00

Jul 22, 2004
3:05 AM EDT
Comedy - Parody