Bomberman Dog Pee

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Once again this is chinese, and made for bomberman online tw, I did not make bomberman online game, just make this flash for the site. (aggrement can't edit or translate to english)
This funny flash is about how bomberman help solve the problem with 2 dogs having trouble finding the right pole to pee.



that was dumb, hey why dont i blow up your piss spots haha really funny and helpful even though there are a million other places to piss.

Hahaha, good work

This seems like a toon that really would appear in a Bomberman game. To those who don't understand, the thing is: this yellow dog is searching for a spot to pee. But they've already been taken by the brown one. The brown one is getting pissed at the yellow one because he's trying to take his spots. Bomberman then drops by and blows up all three spots (apparently his solution to everything). The brown dog is pissed because his spots have been destroyed and the yellow one really needs to go.
What Bomberman is saying in the end is basically a teaser thingy for this "Conquer Mode" in that online game. "Take spaces and be the champ!"

I am chinese...

This is how it goes...( i think)

OK, the two dogs are fighting and bomerman drops by. He thinks up of an Idea... when he bombs the place, the pit bull says "MY STUFF?!"

The other, "MY RESTROOM!"

ITs amazing

im played almost all of them and watched most of them and i wonder HOW THE HELL YOU MAKE THIS its like u seem like a creator of bomberman anyway good flashes to bad i CANT READ CHINESE

pro problem solver..

haha funny stuff i miss the classic bomberman.....hey do you know any way to play the bomberman online game...without having toread chiense?

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Jul 21, 2004
9:31 PM EDT
Comedy - Parody