Boy Damaged

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This is my First Flash Cartoon short ever...I am making it a series for all to be amused by. I am doing the second one right now which will be funnier and longer.He also has friends that will be introduced in later episodes...Hope you enjoy


No way!

Ha... ha... ha.
That was so not funny, and with not funny I acctually mean funny.
That's what I would say if I was lying. Does that makes me a lair?
The awnser is no, wich is obviously a lie. Life's a Bitch and butterflies are tho. Yo mistah! Yo kick ass my man! Nurbs, NURBS! Chris... whatever, the point is, it is that this is a very good one man, a very good one indeed!

Ps: horrible review, I know. But that doesn't stop me posting it!

hey nurbs

Haha, that was pretty cool.

By the way, this is BananaSlug from the forum. Hello.


Hey there, it's Rhys. Felt like submitting a review. Good job. Better than I can do... atm...

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Signs of greatness here....

It looks good the sound is awesome and the style is great...you really nailed it on your first "posted" flash...I wouldn't say your first attempt cause it shows you got a lot of animating experience in your work. Only thing I can suggest is have more of a punchline..it was funny, but not ha ha funny more like hee hee funny lol. Good job though!

Mr-Nurbs responds:

to be honest with you , i have only been animating for about a year now.....just studying motion


nice movie.

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3.32 / 5.00

Jul 21, 2004
8:20 PM EDT
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