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CS Personalities

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Well I never thought I would finish this, but in any case I am finally done. This is loosely based on my first Counter-Strike flash (Which is awful, please don't watch it). All of you CS fans out there will hopefully appreciate this, even the casual player will like it.

For those of you who have never played CS, you probably will not understand many of the jokes so my suggestion is to save yourself some time and go watch a different movie.


Update: Little bit of white showing on the sides, it should be fixed now.


I like.

Very funny.


the admin ad the noob were funny

That was awesome :)

i laughed my ass off thoughout most of this toon, good job. i remember when i used to only use pistols >_>

i might be too late, but i have a bunch world of warcraft suggestions:
~the person who tries to kill you while youre in combat with an npc, and then you end up killing him, so he grabs his 70 to come kill you.
~the gold farmer spammers
~mailbox dancers
~the guy who plays "piccolo of the flaming fire" and goes afk
~the raider who gets impatient and leaves a party cuz its taking too long... 2 minutes after being invited.
~the anti-twinks that get pissed off when they get ownd but are happy to see twinks on their team
~gold beggars
~the noobs in warsong gulch that are minimum lvl and complain everyone else sucks.
~the same noobs that grab the speed boots and the berserk buff just to be 1-3 shotted.
~emote spammers
~party control freaks

im all out of ideas for now :) hope to see this one soon


i died laughing when the admin kicked the guy who shot him!!
that happaned 2 me once the admin killed me (Teamkill) and as a punishment i chose "blind player" POW as son as the round was over i was kicked and banned!!


nice job taking a page out of counter-strikes book that was real funny

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4.15 / 5.00

Jul 21, 2004
8:08 PM EDT
Comedy - Parody