Densetsu 1.3

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In response to some reviews, this was a single movie which I divided into three parts. Making it my first movie, split into three. Thanks for all the votes so far. A little history, this is based upon the characters of a book I'm writing. Some bits of it aren't apart of the book. Also I feel this is the best part, some sad parts and some action parts. Coupled by some good music. However you have to sit through my voice acting once more. Oh well.


i shaw densetsu 1.1 and 1.2

same thing about my revives at densetsu 1.1 and 1.2 but the only and i mean OLNY funny thing about it is how easly logan sliced his hand throgth "i forgot his name" stomech.....or was it his chest? who cares. Oh well good moive tho


Though the graphics weren't the greatest the storyline and the music was pretty good. I really think you should make a 2.1 becuase I kind of understood the storyline but not that much. I really think you could build on this. I don't know why you stopped making flash I mean like you made this about a year a go. I hope you'll continue. I'm looking forward to it.

Good job

Hey Pip. How come you didn't want me to see this? I liked it! Though the characters eyes don't move and the arms and legs are barbie styled stiff. I like it. I can't wait to see your next one. There IS a next one, right? I wish I can do stuff like this too. I have so many ideas but all they do it float up in the noggin'. Toodles

Nice job man...

You should make this a little more interesting and continue with the series...

Cool cool...

It was pretty cool.. The plot was pretty un-original.


The weapon hes about to get just so happens to feed off of emotion. The badguy tells him this then shows him his dead girlfriend. Thats just stupid. And the badguy has the weapon just laying around. To me thats just.. eh.

Good job though.

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2.95 / 5.00

Jul 21, 2004
4:14 PM EDT
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