Blam Master

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this short movie is about the junk movies in newgrounds and if you dont like this movie you can't say it did not make you laugh


i can relate to u

i know how u fell its like a damn hacker hacked u an gave u a popup saying click here to close mudkips :'( and then it keeps moving and then when u do another pop up saying mud close it down it says kips and then mud and kips its very anoying but i know there poping up everywhere like spam damn fuking peices of spam and we all hate it but as long as ppl lkke seeing mario nude and talking i a way i cant understand anything he is saying apart from the ballz part and like fomys nut song about himself and how he likes singl keep making crap and shit and yes i do think that sining about nuts and blah
but as ong as ppl like crap and shit they will make this crap and shit over and over just ignore it somehow like i do i just watch pico stuff in the pico collection instead oh yea 1 thing drwarioluigi shut ur ass for a mouth mouth because if u like crap and or shit go rape ur computer when its playing it i for 1 think that this is a movie with a message saying stop making crap i cant take it any more
i give this movie 5 out of 5 :)
P.S sorry for this comment being soo long :^|

shut up drwarioluigi

this is actually pretty nice... i like it. I'm putting it on faves. every1 else who wants this blammed, you all suck have a nice day.

This one is not any better than BM 2

This one is, as I stated in the summary, no better than BM2. The same points as usual, "No more Mario" "No more Foamy". There is a simple solution to your problems with them, DO NOT watch the submissions. There. Problem solved.

That was the best hatred movie ever

Funniest lines:"Oh stop it! Ow, my balls!" Do you want your bagel now bitch.

This was just boring

I hated it nd it was boring

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1.82 / 5.00

Jul 20, 2004
4:20 PM EDT
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