War of the Mechanus EP. 2

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This is the second in a still new series that is a collaberation between Shattered Mists Design and Siv Art Productions. Let us know what you think.

Note - you do not have to watch the first one for this to make sense. but we recomend it.


very bad

the animation was bad the flow was nonexistant overall this piece needs to be completely redone

Magosis responds:

I'm well arawe. seems like i lack the motivation to do so though


Uhhh... cool

Magosis responds:

thanks i like it i have soem issues with how it came out in the end but if i ever get around to finishing the next one it will be better


Another episode!The animation in this one was a lot better than in the last one too,keep up the great work!Im looking forward to the next one!


Magosis responds:

heh hope fully i can get to it soon but other projects have been taking most of my time, oh well i have christmas break coming.

hey nice

I liked it, especially since you used my song, haha, so weird! I would have viewed it sooner if I had known, anyway, it could have been alot better with accual voice acting in it, that would have helped alot, maybe i'm being overly critical. I'm sure you can do alot better then this, you seem to show alot of talent, I hope to see more of your stuff, awsome concept. Thanks for putting me in the credz.

Magosis responds:

heh well i know that alot could have been done better in this one. as for the voice acting suggestion, well hopefully soon i will have my motivation back to wokr on the next one and that will include voices.

Kinda Promising

Learn to spell! Spelling mistakes really deduct from the professionalism of a flash movie. Especially on words like 'model'.
Also, try and keep standards, like, first the turret gun just made holes in the walls with no sound other than firing, then it made little explosions on the ground but no firing sound.

Also: What was the deal with the flashing lights at the bottom of the screen?

That not withstanding, it kind of shows promise both in the story and in the effects your getting in flash (I like the cracking glass and breaking through the door).

Magosis responds:

yea thee were a few things that probable could have been done better, hopefully the next one will be

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3.47 / 5.00

Jul 20, 2004
2:59 AM EDT