Paper Airplane

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Paper Airplane is a little game where the player tries to fly their airplane through the barriers for the longest amount of time possible. If the player gets a high enough score they can enter it into the high scores table.



stupidest game EVER!!!!!

not bad

it was an alright game... pretty simple, but i think that a larger playing field or a little bit more of a gap between the 'lines' would've been good for this one.... it also was in dire need of audio too.

Add music

It might make a huge difference


This game is pretty sweet! I loved the wario ware version, but this is fun too. Keep up the good work, this was fun.


This is basically just a poorly done remake of the Wario Ware minigame, as stated earlier.

The main thing I don't like, really, is that the collision testing is way too unforgiving. I barely touched the underside of a platform with the back half of my airplane (which I shouldn't have to pay attention to anyway, people can only focus on one point at a time, and for this game that's the front of the plane) and it ended my game without mercy.

I also didn't really like how slow it went, or how little spacing there was between platforms (you should give it levels where the gap between platforms steadily shrinks, but starts pretty large, like in Wario Ware).

If those were fixed I would like it a lot better, but as it is all I have to do is turn on my GBA to get a better experience.

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2.59 / 5.00

Jul 19, 2004
8:01 PM EDT
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