Megaman X OLB ch.1

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With that said, THIS is the Megaman X OLB Special Edition! It is the first three eps remastered with,
- Increased screen size
- New backgrounds
- Added scenes
- Afew new fight scenes
- Added music
- Interactive Sprite Game
- and touch up based on the reviews of the previous eps

I hope you all enjoy, and please leave reviews because this flash was basically made from the past reviews. Thanks!

(Movie runs between 12-15 minutes in full please try to watch it all, some parts are slower and faster then others)


i think

i know who the mysterious figure is but i'm not telling!

A news for you

Alloute is a reploid not a human you know

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Pretty good.

You kinda lost me and grabbed me inbetween parts, but this video was pretty enjoyable. 8 stars.

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Awesome as always.

Okay, I'm sorry, I gotta get this out o' teh way:

Asalph: Fuck You.

The story is great actually, you've never seen it all and therefore can't really judge. Also, the animation, I can tell you, as a fellow Sprite maker - who's sort of working on animation but happens to be really lazy... ^^; - the animation is a bit lackluster because usually, sprites are RIPPED FROM THE ORIGINAL GAMES... or even harder, HAND-MADE. Since the frame rate of video games is really high, ripping every little pose/movement is nearly impossible, and therefore the animation is always a little jerky. Third, this is a Megaman flash. Have you EVER known a Megaman game where the side character CPUs aren't utterly stupid?

As far as story, this is, after all, an original story, and not everyone will love it...

Now that my ragging comments are done... (Sorry, but...)

Kaos, you are amazing. OLB is possibly the BEST (And I'm not kidding) Megaman action series on Newgrounds... or that I've seen, period. Your story is a great 'what if', with lots of incredible ideas I never would have dreamed of... yet you make them all fit. Your animation skill is far above most, and as I've said, sprite animation takes a good amount of skill... not as much as hand-drawn animation, which is harder for different reasons, but of those who don't hand-draw everything, you are DEFINTELY one of the best.

You, sir, are awesome, and I commend you for said awesomeness.

I have but one complaint: you STILL have not submitted the last two episodes in the OLB series: 9 (The plot, as you put in your list on episode 7), and 10 (the duel!!!) Not to be rude but... 2 YEARS, MAN!! THE ANTICIPATION IST KILLIN' ME!!!

^^ Well, whatever. hope ya get em' up soon!! 10/10, as always...^^

Lacks something...

Your video is not bad... It just doesn't appeal to me that much. You see, the story is quite weak (at least until this point, I don't know about the rest of the chapters), and the animation is a little... I don't know... weak.

I still can't understand the stupidity of the Resistance, in your video. You see: if the commander says they won't attack by the side street, and that he's confident about that, he should at least explain WHY. Any soldier with half a brain would need a decent explanation to feel at least a little reassured.

On the brighter side of things, I liked the effects you brought in the "Lights Out" battle, in the factory. The way you didn't make the effect of light appear and disappear all at once on the sprites. That was good, I'll give you that.

I hope you don't get offended, but I hope the sequel episodes are better than this.

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Jul 18, 2004
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