piconjo's b&w massacre

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this visually breathtaking movie took 4 years to make, luv it plz.

piconjo luvs j00.


You wasted 4 years of your life. To make this crap. Why waste that much time on this. If i could i would give this negative 10.5 stars . In case you don't know that's LESS than 0.

4 years wasted

this sucked something fierce, maybe if u nd that yellow power ranger guy got 2 gether, u could make something half ass decent


Man how sucky can sumthing suck? dude i dunt even think u were trying to suck so bad butt u did plz for me and anyone else who might watch this (hopefully not) dunt make anymore this was just horrible...


It's obvious that this isn't worth watching. It's just more of the same talentless flash. Don't bother responding it's just going to be more of that "Picanjo loves you" bull that you feed everyone so that you don't have to own the responsibility for your messed up flash.

This has nothing 2 do with the movie

I will get these gay toadie n00bz banned for there abusive reviews since i am a proud member of the anti toadies. These noobs are probly the ones getting us banned! Will u make a flash in honor of the anti toadies plz? If u do then more people will wanna be 1. Well if u dont know who they are there a bunch of piconjo fans who were under the leadership of piconjo_clock he made the orginization. Well what we do is give LF zeros and as u see his once no.2 flash FF tribute chocobo thing is now no.20! And we do much more then that we get the toadie n00bz that give joo bad reviews banned! They are ignorant faggot toadies who r in luv with legendaryfrog. Wade should have tehm banned! I will help u but plz read this review and make a flash about the anti toadies the orginization that protects u.(We dont got a website yet because Piconjo_Clock our leader was banned :( )

P.S Legendary Frog is a faggot!

P.S.S Piconjo pwns us all!

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1.54 / 5.00

Jul 17, 2004
5:29 PM EDT