Link andth King of Pharae

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This is a game where link fights roy from fire emblem. The original name was The death of the king, but it didn't make much sence.
It started out with just a fight scene, and then it developed into a full fledged adventure.
Left= move left
Right= move right
Space= jump (if you jump through a floor, you'll get an extra boost)
CTRL(control): attack
Special controls:
Boss1= when fighting the first boss, the only available button is space, which you use to counter Roys attack

Level one: the only tricky part, is that there is a teleport you need to jump into to proceed. Everything els you can get past with some practice
Boss1: right before he attacks, he will do this little animation, stop and then attack. Hit space bar when he stops to get him, if you hit space at anyother time, he will attack you.
Level 2: There's a tricky part with these 3 moving platforms. All you have to do, is jump onto he first one. Then from that first Platform, Jump THROUGH the second Platform so you can reach the third one. Once on the third platform, make a break for the latter. You'll get it with practice
Boss2: boss 2 has 4 phases. In the first one, you must attack him while in mid air. But watch out for the shock waves that come up when he lands.
Phase 2: he throws hammers. Every 5 hammers there is an opening, But there is a very big gap in the begining that allows you to run right to him.
Phase 3: this is a game of find the red card. Just keep your eye on the cloud he flys behind and when it lands, attack. If you attack the wrong cloud, you take dammage.
phase 4: If you don't have at least 3 hearts, I recomend right clicking (CTRL clicking for Mac) and hitting play. If you do have at least 3 hearts then avoid EVERY THING, and try to reach mario. If yu have all of your health, then just charge him.


Easy and fun

Once you get used to it the final boss is really easy.


good plot twist with mario


Well, fighting was a bitch, but other than that, it was very good for a first try.

that sucked

that really was a waste of ur life


It was okay. The storyline was different and funny. It was a good crossover. However I found it hard to conrtol Link in places. However it was your first game,was it?, so really can't have a go at you if your not used to it? Can I?

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3.15 / 5.00

Jul 17, 2004
12:52 PM EDT
Adventure - Other