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Criminal Intent

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Your girlfriend has been kidnapped and in order for you to get her back, you have to complete 5 missions, including sniping, driveby, hacking and frantic shooting.

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Well idea was good, completed it with right click, used the lag of frames to spam shoots,
too bad its 'ADULT' but not rly so adult contet i would tag it as mature thou

fuck in hell does not hurt the people ************************************************************

The 3rd and 4th mission can be doine.
But mission 1 no matter mow much you shout the 3rd enemy or his backpack from the flamthrower he´ll just doesn´t take damage and so doesn´t die.

In 2nd mission you can shoot the guys stading still and moving slowly to right but the guys walking from right to left just can´t be hit fast enough to kill them - at least not both of them (2nd + 3rd guy) one after another. So you always fail.

5th mission - the boss. Even if you hit him whenever you see him he´ll still decrease your health faster than you can decrease his. So you´ll always fail here, too.

I could swear the gun still makes a gunshot noise when the clip is still empty.

But if you're looking for a game where it takes a clip, minimum, to kill a anything and there's enough strobe lights on level 1 that it legally counts as an epilepsy test look no further.

I liked this game. It had nice graphics and gameplay, everything was smooth.

However i think it would have been better if you had the ability to duck or hide during boss fights, instead of just standing there getting shot and shooting as fast as you can.

Credits & Info

1.99 / 5.00

Jul 16, 2004
9:31 PM EDT