FF: Mixed in Balamb

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*Update* January, 21, 2005
Final Fantasy Mixed in Balamb 2 is done! Wait for it in the portal. It will be 24 minutes long, so we will split it in 3 files--8 minutes each one.
Main characters of FF are taking classes with Quistis...WTF?!
ART: Jauregui BROS. Sound: DueƱez


Idea is really good, but...
1. drawing and animation are quite awful;
2. voices had a bad quality;
3. why dragon ball and pokemon???

However I quite enjoyed Sephiroth listening to his music (LOL) and FFVIII final battle musics at the end..

Not great...

This passed weird about a minute in, i had to actually force myself to watch the entire thing, the animation was very choppy, in FF8 the "aeons" are actually GFs or Guardian Forces, and seeing as they all seem to be in the FF8 world, it's probably the best not to confuse people. The voice acting was... well... not good, I could actually hear the echo, it was most prominant during Quistis' lines. Having speed racer in there and swearing was actually unnecessary. Your choice of soundtrack was not too bad

Squall should've done rough edge...

i laughed super hard when it played the pokemon theme music and Ash hit Shiva with a pokeball nice job...

Very... odd

Art is good, animation is clunky. But the experience overall is extremely odd. It was interesting to watch and had some funny points, but it was just... weird. Dialogue was sometimes good, sometimes bad. I don't know why you had the bus driver swear, it would've been fine without him dropping an F-bomb.

Actually it was pretty good

idk why everyone is complaining. It was made in 2004 >3>

Animation was ok. very clunky. if it was you're first or one of your first vids I'd understand.
Art was pretty good. you drew the characters good, chibi or realistic.
Bad sync, but decent voice acting. I could tell there were only like 3 people acting in it, but not bad anyways.
Does the FF genre justice. I like the references you made.
The story was ok. Not too big, even though the video is like 11 minutes.

All in all good job. idk why people complaining. probobly because they don't appreciate flash animation this lazy looking.

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4.21 / 5.00

Jul 15, 2004
10:31 PM EDT
Comedy - Parody
  • Daily Feature July 17, 2004