Salad Fingers Episode 2

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My 4th Newgrounds release!! And the longest flash I've done yet (still not THAT long) Damn that was hard work! Anyways here it is, a sequel due to popular demand! I hope this will get as good a response as the first one. Please enjoy it.



I wanna be Salad Fingers' friend.

On a more serious note this was....new, very strange also which is why I like it, look forward to seeing more....if you are doing more.

A true work of art.

I really must say that this is one of the best flashes I have ever seen in my time on Newgrounds. The movie is completely different than any other flash on this site, and even differs quite a bit from your original Salad Fingers episode. It's definately a relief to see something this good, instead of the same old stick figure and Neurotically Yours flashes over and over again. Your style isn't currently, and will probably never be the same as anyone else's.

Graphics wise, everything is great. You add your own stle, which I though was most noticable when you're viewing the child through the hole in the wall, and the hole is comprised of jagged lines all forming a circle. It all pulls together to give the entire movie an eerie sort of feeling, which is difficult to achieve in flash. Salad Fingers himself is well drawn as well. His facial expressions, movement, and trembling all express his character well. This movie just wouldn't be the same without the visuals.

My favorite part might be the sound. The voices of each character are recorded well without any muffled sounds or sputtering. I also find that the voices express the characters rather well. From Salad Finger's quiet, high pitched voice, to the indecipherable scream of Hubert Cumberdale, everything fits into place to set the overall mood. Once again, this movie wouldn't be the same without the sound.

Of course, your style is probably one of the most unique and macabre of anything on Newgrounds (with the exception of Burnt Face Man.) Salad Fingers projects an aura of slight insanity, with a bit of helplessness. It's a pleasant change from watching sticks kill eachother with swords. Watching the puppet in his dreams scream, and watching Salad Fingers understand it as if he were actually saying it adds to the demented feeling. Watching him smile as his blood pours from his finger while muttering about how he likes it when the red water comes out, everything fits into place.

So overall, I give you a 10/10 on the review, and a 5/5 for the score. It's very uncommon to run into something different on Newgrounds, and I hope you make this a continuing series. I would certainly enjoy seeing Salad Fingers Episode 3 on the front page at some time.


Great artwork, fans of Jhonen V. (The Johnny the Homicidal Maniac comic series) would make great fans of this. Your artwork and story type is strangly alike, good luck on further ventures.

good good

i like this one better than the first. ^_^ so creepy!! i think ill add it to my favourites...


That was one of the more original ideas that I've seen in a long time. Keep it up!

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4.28 / 5.00

Jul 15, 2004
8:44 PM EDT
Comedy - Original
  • Daily 2nd Place July 16, 2004