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Salad Fingers Episode 2

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My 4th Newgrounds release!! And the longest flash I've done yet (still not THAT long) Damn that was hard work! Anyways here it is, a sequel due to popular demand! I hope this will get as good a response as the first one. Please enjoy it.



i want to beable to birth salad fingers baby.. although i do lack a womb...

That was awesomely wierd and cool, just like being fisted by a uranian arm wrestler.

Anyways, great animation, sound and story!!! Keep up the good work.

The best.

This is definitely my favourite episode of Salad Fingers. The leap of weirdness from episode 1 to episode 2 is incredible and something I'll never forget as I watched them all in order. I don't believe it is the creepiest - the sadistic qualities of the "boy" in episode 4, and the sheer unadulterated fright you experience when he freaks out in episode 5 beat it for me.

But this is great, as it's where we first really get introduced to SF's lunacy.. the fact that his "friends" are little finger puppets with wonderfully demure little names is probably one of the first things that makes us stare and think "...Umm...Ok.. he's flipped." Rusty spoons notwithstanding!

I gotta say I always chuckle when he hits Hubert Cumberdale with a rusty spoon...

Salad Fingers HAS to be a good series. I lost some respect for the author on seeing the other more macabre pieces, but coming back to Salad Fingers makes me realise this is a great piece in its own right and deserves to be reviewed by itself.

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Work of art!

Dude this is the best thing i have seen on newgrounds since pico i love ur style dude u are a pure genious!!! pure genious!!! keep up the work dude this is the best thing ever!!! im glad people like u with such amazing talent make stuff like this i mean its just pure artictic genious i luv it man

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ok, finally getting this done

ok, after watching the entire series at least 15 times, im finally putting time aside to write a review.

before i begin, though, i must point and laugh at the noob who was talking about pedophiles. hes 14, as it says in his profile, yet he studies pedophelia? he must have been raped recently. also, hes only written two reviews, and joined on the 4th. in short, that is one of the most uniqe reviews ive ever seen here at NG. bleh, enough about the noob, on with the review!

The drawings in this animation are superb, yet at the same time they have a poor quality, wich was obviously intentional since it adds to the atmosphere of the flash.

Completly, absolutly, 100% original. a perfect 10.

Addictingly amazing voice, creepy suitable music, a few shrieks made of uknown sounds, all mixed together get a 9.

Red Water...... and ovens.


Sick minded people can find something to laugh at here.

There you go! this bieng one of my favorite flashes ever, you get yourself a overall 10. you also net a 5/5 for your superb work. For some reason i decided to review this one first, probably cuz its my favorite. Well i better get to work. 1 down, 4 to go...


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you are a nimrod

you need help man, i mean you are a mentally challenged. if yopu dont get help ill kill you. please stop these obscene images are you trying to give me a heartattack

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4.28 / 5.00

Jul 15, 2004
8:44 PM EDT
Comedy - Original
  • Daily 2nd Place July 16, 2004