Mario's FHV (vA)

July 15, 2004 –
May 7, 2008
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please delete the submission


I'll say it again... don't EVER make Super Mushrooms angry. LOLOLOL

I dont know what to say

i didnt like the first 1

The way he looked when he fell on the pole was funny as hell!

man i cant believe its done. i was hoping it would be longer.......oh well it was still good though

Funny but kinda stupid.

I loved the "I AM INVINCIBLE! OW!" part. And where did they get the screams?

Has anyone but me noticed that luigi does not appear in any clip of this movie??? I liked it alot but u could of at least added poor luigi in a few of them! : (

dude i added you to my favorite artists... i love your bloopers and movies... keep it up!

this is a very, very funny movie you got there.
this was funn. lol.

It could have been better. It was the 'jokes' that disappointed me. Good try, though.

"Giant Mushrooms are Bad for your health (squash!!!)" LMAO

its funny as hell though, make more please :D

its good and funny, but i wish it were a bit longer

Not bad

idk wat u should do for a sequeal but i liked it it was nice and gory

great clips. sequel?

C'mon what's all this about Mario FHV not being funny? Gimme a break, America has a fucked up taste of comedy. Anyway I loved Mario's FHV, it was all laughs.

What a waste of my own lifetime.

Needs more scenes. Not really creative as I've seen most of those jokes in other parodies. Other than that it was pretty good.

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lol lol lol lol

Not as funny as the other Mario bloopers, but I guess it adequate I suppose. You might need to work on syncing the audio a bit more.

The guy who reviewed before me is a shit for brains. This was pretty dang funny!

truly i did not like the vid. it was so not cool.

This stuff is just too funny to find anywhere. Lol peach gets a boner from mario.

C00l! Tell me how to make movies!!! I don't know how!!

1:mario eats a mushroom and dies
2:yoshi throws mario off his back and mario is gravley injured
3:mario lights on fire from fireballs
4:mario has a bad day and when he wins the game he kills the princess with the axe. 'make princess scream and try to run away...but no bad words'

5:mario forgot to take his speedo and goes underwater naked acedentally 'Make a fish eat mario before he notices he forgot the speedo.'
6:luigi listens to numa numa full blast and mario looks in window and head explodes.
7:mario breaks a bone and his jurney goes WACKED!
8:Luigi breaks in the final castle where mario is and steps on the axe while mario is still trying to get past bowser. And luigi luaghs and goes to princess to kiss.Mario comes all burnt And slaps luigi and luigi runs. The princess takes out a rifle and kills mario.
all i can think of! More mishaps to be posted later

that's funny as hell, what the name of the song that plays in the opening screen?


lol, indeed it is funny, i love it! nice work man =D

this is one of the best mario parody videos on newgrouds!!! dude, this is funny as hell!!! keep up the good work!!!

All those laughters made you animation very fun!
But why was that Peach so... evil? She killed Mario in the final and even laughted at him! You made Mario a joke.

I really do love all your Mario blooper flashes,great for laughs indeed along with some great sprite work,this one was really funny cause it also had a lot of funny sound clips and sound effects,another excellent job. :)

Graphics: Sprites... seen em before but the way u used them was great :10/10
Style: Very Unique: 10/10
Violence: I think someone died in each blooper sooo: 10/10
Sound: I just liked the movie sooo: 10/10
Interactivity: None sooo sory,: 1/10
Humor: Ha Ha ha 10 haha ha out of pffft haha ha huuuu 10
Overall: Funniest bloopers ever, im submitting this to a collection.

That was so fuckin funny, man, it rocked,Those were the best bloopers ever. I am going to add this link to my website so that everyone on my website can see your awesome video.
I will put it in my "best video section"
on my site

as some one said before the flagpoles are too repetitive, maybe you can change it in your next movie.

But I'm tired of seeing that one where he impales himself on the flagpole. All the other gags were good.

you are like the same as mario mishaps,but then mario is more stupid and jackass in your movies,and mario mishap shows mario screaming and having pain! you are doing great,but since you are making a flash HUMOR movie,make the voice of mario sound crazy! a lot of people laugh bout that. i wanna hear more drama in mario's voice!

I liked that. I like that very much. Keep up the good wrok man.And that guy before me is dumb, the first one was the best one!!!

ps do make a sequel

OMG! Words can't describe how funny this was! I didn't think the first one was very funny, though.


This toon was perhaps the funniest Mario parody I have ever seen! Keep it up ;)

I did find that some of the timing was off at parts. It was absolutly one of the best flash movies I've ever seen. The invincible part was great!

I like it...But there just a little miss of timming in mario invincible.

The only one I didn't like was "Mario goes Way UP!". That one looked exactly like "who broke the falgpole?", except without the Homer Simpson in it. That one you need to improve on. Overall, Very funny.

You're putting quite a bit of effort into this, and I can see that and I respect that... but your style is just crap.

I gace this one a 10 because it was freakin funnylol seriously the two parts i like was when mario breaks his nose and when comes around goes around lol

This was almost funny, but i didn't laugh out loud.

None of the jokes are cliches so it made for a freash funny look at mario. Awesome...

I swear this is really funny! Still though...didn't some guy other than Homer say "I am invincible!" In 007 Golden Eye?

the line at the begening when mario gets the jumbo erection and he says the line its from goodfellas man i just saw that movie its the guy who kills everyone!!! the joe pesci guy right!!

great flash though
i knda lyked mafia bros better (bigger fan of scarface)

That was really really funny I just wish that it were longer.

yo that shit was crazy my nigga i liked the movie alot

i also liked wut u did wit the mario sprites

all my 5 r belong 2 this

1 month a has passed sincei review mafia bros and i said that was funny well guess what another super funny movie comes out not as funny but still a 5 o will you make part 2 in mafia bros or this i don't care if it's based on mario mishaps MAKE MORE!!!!!

P.S well this movie and mafia bros are now on my favorites and i'm going to come back and keep voting 5's because i'll be VERY pissed if this gets blamed

sort of funny not the best work but was funny

1: He rescues her, then his PENIS grows, heh heh heh heh. 6: "I am invincible, invincible, ye- OWWWWW!" 8: Bowser falls into the pit, Mario laughs, and YEEARRRRRRGH! Princess pushes him. Heh heh heh heh! And where'd you get the credits music?

Fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck.
You know what?
I'm gonna watch it again and cound how many times they say fuck.
Fucking awesome you fucking genius!
Crap. I'm gonna get SO many letters from fucking pissed off mothers.

hey that was funny as hell just like mario mishaps

I have watched everyone of your movies and they are all hilarious, including this one, i put you on my favorites list and everything. You are the King of the Portal.

i thought it was funny the first couple of times

The funniest thing i think is Homer is Invincible sound

"I am invincible INVINCIBLE!! You... DOH!!!" that's Homer Simpson for you.

"I'm funny how? do i make u laugh, i amuse you, huh how the fuck and i funny" lol hahahahahahaha omg that shit was funny man please make more it was good

This never gets old, no matter how much i watch it. I still luagh about it now. Keep up the good work. I'm voting 5

i like your other movies better

~you have just been reviewed by Diablo

Aweosme! Very funny!

Graphics- I like 8-bit sprites the best!

Sound- Good sound, especially the homer and joe pesci voice.

Humor- Very funny movie!!!!


This is a real Mario! I knew it!
I liked all, except for the first scene. I thougt it will end up in the opposite way.

hahahaha.. i just loved the 5th one... where did mario go hahahahahahahaa

if you make more mario bloopers you might get your own series page

Real funny, my favs are 5 and 7.i loved when that big pile of mushrooms killed him, lol.

That's some funny shit. My favs were #1 and #6. I never knew Mario could pop like that, LOL.

This was damn good. Act 2 and 5 are the best. It still stays funny to see Mario f*cking everything up.

your one's a lil bit better - but still not funny...

this is so close to other mario mishaps out there, that people just get sick of them. It's like if someone did another powerrangers (oh wait..they did) you get really tired and sick of them.
this is one, and if it was funny, i would have over looked that fact, but it was juvinile humor that was unoriginal.
OVERALL: Keep trying.

this seems like a total rip off of Super mario mishaps, im surprised this wasnt considered stolen

It takes true talent to pull off such funny shit with Mario.

Couldn't stop laughing! Could a short featuring Link & Zelda be in the works?

Anyway, good job!


but not entirely orignal. i like it when mario lands on bowsers spikes, better than his leg getting chopped off. not quite original but i like it better than mario mishaps

Excellent setup and timing. Nice use of the bloopers concept. Make more!

It was excellent, I love whenever peach dies, the part where all the mushrooms killed mario was the best, I liked that the most.

dat was faf! u need 2 make more...plz! i love the nes graphics...nice touch! well done

Good use of sprites, nice work with the audio, and it made me laugh! Great overall movie. Keep up the good work! :^)

Brilliant simply brilliant!

Super Mario Mishaps was not the first to do what it did. It was at least the 20th. And besides with more numerous and better jokes (but still homer simpson voice) this is the better video. Why was peach laughing at Mario's cock. That thing was huge I'd be scared.


No, not in a coincidental, "they're both sprite movies" kind of way, I mean it's the same movie with a different titles and similar scenes, almost like someone edited a SWF file.

If the original Super Mario Mishaps was a registered trademark, they'd slap your ass with a lawsuit so fast it'd make you piss yourself. And they would win, too.

This is nothing but someone trying to create brand confusion for high votes, don't buy it. BLAM this piece of shit.

Let's face it: You can add different jokes, or alter them slightly, but when it comes down to it, this is just a copycat of Super Mario Mishaps. And don't come complaining to me with crap like:

"But itsz got joe psesci sjokes and laugh sounds and mushroom death secuencsez ur stupid!!1"

But aside from those installments, the rest is almost exactly the same as SMM. You have the title for each scene being introduced on a black background with the Yoshi's Island drum theme, Mario being impaled on a pole, dying in the bridge where he faces Bowser(yes I know that in this, he died from the spikes on Bowser's back, while in SMM, it was from the axe). You even put in Mario getting killed or seriously hurt using Homer Simpson sound bytes. You even used the exact same scream sound bytes as well.

I want to say that SOME effort was put into this, but...

OK, I don't. Because little effort WAS put into this. This could have been a funny parody perhaps of Funniest Home Videos with Mario(which ironically would be 1000 times funnier than the actual show), but instead it just turned into a knock-off of a far superior flash movie.

I did see SOME originality and humour in this though. Next time, just present it in an original way.


Good Submission, I had seen that pole Idea from somewhere else yesterday though =/

The crowd sounds on the back were very good.
The Mario Goes up part was the best :D

it wasent as funny as MM but it was great work!!

wow that was great make more of em i think i like ur more...they r great keep making em...try doing more games too that could get a bigger audience....keep up the good work hope to see a sequal out of you A.S.A.P. again really good job keep up the good work!!!!!!!!!!!!

Make more mishaps, this is great!

I think you have something against poor old mario or something...lol. That or you got angry that the mario games have no violence in them. I liked it alot especially when mario gets killed in an unexpected way..like a mysterious flying axe from no where. By the way...where are some of the screaming sounds from I recognize the simpsons ones and the others might be from counterstrike?

at least the jokes were original. I,like many others,have seen "super mario mishaps" and I think this was really funny as well.a great spoof of an earlier spoof. and done in three days? that's fast! and one last thing:in the "mario goes way up" scene you should've used the Goofy scream(referring to the disney character's yell), it would've made the scene funnier. but that's just my opinion. maybe you can use that as an idea...
and also, you should come up with funnier ways of using Homer's voice in other mario parodies! anyway, good flash and keep up the good work!

It was alright and kinda funny, but it just wasnt as funny as "Super Mario Mishaps."
I just smiled when i watched this one,
unlike "Super Mario Mishaps" made me bust out laughing. Anyway, decent job... 7/10

nice spin-off of the mario mishaps. pretty funny.

it was a good tribute. nothing more.

the graphics were bad - at least have the pride use your own drawings... this mario stuff is OLD and was never funny... and I saw no original humor in the whole cartoon. I thought it wasn't funny at all... Good luck in creating some quality cartoons. keep trying!

Great Work with the animation...The sound was great....The movie ran smooth...Great Work...That was also hilarious LMAO!!

A nice little piece of flash work there. Could have done a bit more with some of the scenes but hell who am I to complain. Breakdown:

Graphics: It's sprites, what can you expect. The alteration and distortion gave it the push beyond your run of the mill n00b sprite animation, and the reasonable smoothness gave it a good feel.

Style: It's been a while since we've seen some sprite animation on NG, so it's only fair that this gets into the blue columb. My recomendation is take some time! No ones expecting you to make animations post haste. And if they are... then fuck them you're the animator.

Sound: Pretty good work in this catagory. As I said take some more time here, find the perfect laugh sound effect and such. And add a bit more into the mouth movements of the sprite characters. But solid none the less!

Violence: Eww... yeash you put some effort into this. It's not my prefrence really, I find 'bloodless' flash just as funny.

Interactivity: The menu is a nice plus, nothing more I can really ask for. But as I say in my earlier reviews I need a pause, play, ff and rw to give a ten.

Humor: Nice solid jokes in there. Make it more cartoony kind of funny though. Like a tripping and such. But thats just me.

Overall a nice piece of flash. Take some time and start up something really funny. Maybe a Mario Mishaps series?


P.S. How long DID this take you to make? What would you say is your funniest joke in there? Over all your flash movies whats the funniest joke?

Joe pecsi lol i love that funny bastard. I hope the next one is out soon.

Lol i never mess with mushrooms lol they are brill.

If you are the same guy who made mario mishaps aswell i liked that aswell.

im not doin this to suck up i rele did enjoy that. it was a well done movie! made me laugh which under certain circumstances is hard to do. well done matrix.

hahahahah that was funny, the only fault was the sound of the scream, and the laugh, other than that good job lmfao

It was funnier than Mishaps, mainly because it had more stuff in it. The sound seem messed up for one or two of them...not syched well or something. Overall, pretty funny stuff though.

Good job, Matrix! It's a coin flip between takes 3 and 6 as to which is funnier. Keep up the good work!

your movie was funnier than mario mishaps,there was more mishapsand it was more violent,plus the sprites were well designed! good work.

kind of a huge rip off of mario mishaps, but the humor was there. i liked mario mishaps wayyy more though. good work, 3.5 out of 5

that was really well done, i'll be looking for other submissions of yours. It had good spritework and good comedy

that would be cool if they put these at the end of the game after you beat it. Excellent work, it was awesome!!

This is really funny.....just like mario mishaps in every way. I don't care if other people say you stole this........its not stealing......did the guy who made mario mishaps make this and you submitted it.....nope....therefor its not stealing. Nice use of sprites and good animation. I would like to make some work with you. I'm pretty handy with Sprites myself. I have figured out the whole Flash MX and i know how to make sprites move and stuff like that. I know how to get backgrounds and everything.

Though I didn't like the other one that much either... it was funnier and more tasteful than this one.

do u enjoy putting mario in such situations that get him hurt or getting somthing shoved up his ass? XD

angain funny like the other one

did the canned laughter track have to be so long? i don't like canned laughter at the best of times (i can decide what's funny for myself, thankyou very much) but maybe if it was just one burst of laughter it wuldn't have been so bad.

That said, it's stil a funny, worthwhile flash. it is a total style rip-off of 'mario mishaps', but if he's your "affiliate" then I suppose it's okay :P

Well, for a sprites animation, this one was good. Some jokes were fun, but other not, and that made your movie somehow... strange.

Your very good with your flash it looked alot like his movie and its more of a sequel then an Inspiration because you make flash just like him your style and everything!good job


This has to be one of the dumbest things I have ever seen. How many time are you people going to put mario (a litte game character who is older then dirt itself) into dumb assed stiuations whom knowone but youselves find amusing. Seriously try to make something more orignal.

little bit of achuckle here thats it.

I never seen Mario Mishaps, but I found this funny as well as having a cool concept. One complaint, Mario walks into the wall way after Homer screams, making it a little stupid, and the credits roll WAY too slowly. Hilarious and downright fuckin ridiculous.

I am Invincible and the giant mushroom made me crack up.

Again, another movie done by Matrix and that this is really funny, keep it up man!

*Start to cheer for Matrix forever*

HAHAHAH I loved it! Nice job man!

nothing about this was funny...or original, just not funny!!! a pile of mushrooms kills mario? thats the best u got? he gets sodomized by a pole(again) and scetchy lil sound bits of homer simpson didnt do much for me either.


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