EgoCity Chap III

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Woot! Took me over three months for this. If you haven't seen part one or two, watch it now.

Wow. My first 1st place trophey eva!!! Like always, thanks to all who supported me. I know not all of you liked it & some people felt that there 's something missing from the ending so this is why I'm making EC chapter IV & V later on.
P.S. Sorry for a long download


One Word...

Voice Acting. Dude, you gotta work on that. Advertise for a voice actor or something. Dude, this is the only place youre lacking, but...its a BIG place. Hope to see that changed. Otherwise, awesome!

great, but lacking

the animation and graphics were amazing, i could tell you worked really hard on this, but you should really think about storey bording, cuz your flashes are way too fast paced (however for the fight scenes it was fine ;P) keep up the amazing flashage, and STOREYBOARD!!!

*coughs* umm

great flash

but the voice acting.. not that great. The voices didn't seem to fit the characters
I'm sure there's some great voice actors around here, just post on the ng forums and i'm sure lots of people will want to help (great series btw)

Good Movie

Great movie the only complaint is the voices, which go far too fast are not very clear and have poor quality.

OMFG that was incredible

Why is this not on the top 50, that was simply incredible, the graphics (Besides of course the characters themselves) were incredible, the explosions, the movements of look of all the lasers, and the DBZ-looking :P attacks all of it was incredible, if only 10 wasn't the highest score that could be given ^_^. THen the sound, there had to have been something by Yoko Kanno, or i'm losing it, also all of the songs that simply get you so "hype" they were great, also the instrumental Linkin Park song at the end, i've always loved that one. Then there was the voice-acting which was incredibly good even though hard to understand at times. Then the style, i have NEVER seen anything like this before, and this is the first of the series i've ever seen, which is REALLY sad, and i will go and watch the others, and give them 5/5's as i did this one. Wow the violence, is there any way to truly describe this, it was incredible, all of those "Aura Cannons" and there attacks, and of course that seemingly epic battle towards the end, they were great, all of it was damn it. Oh yes the 10 for humor, that's for all of those random jokes thrown in, i had constant laughs throughout, i simply was hypnotized by its greatness, you know what, you and this flash are now on the favs list as of the time i submit this review ^_^, i can only hope for another episode, you certainly are one great animator THE END

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Jul 14, 2004
12:29 PM EDT
  • Daily Feature July 15, 2004