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I hope you all enjoy Robot89. I worked on it all night and now I'm going to bed hahahahaha. I look forward to waking up and reading your reviews. Thanks again Newgrounds and Tom for the portal. The portal is the most fun place on the innernet! And finally, this cartoon goes out to the late great Carrie Donovan -- and by "late great" i mean that she is dead. I wonder what happens when we die. You guys ever seen the movie "Brainstorm" with christopher walkins? :-O



well, I guess I like his hand too.


I dident like much, the only part i like was the crapy robot lol, but the rest dident care.

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this makes no sence at all. it is STUPID...

beyond any other thing. it is so bad and idiotic that it makes George W. Bush look smart. it has no point at all. anyone who is vabout to watch this, don't. it would be better for you to constantly ram your head up an elephant's ass than see this shit.

The last review was by an idiot

Dude, good job, nice voice over, and I loved the animation. hilarious too. good job all around, that last guy can burn in hell!

overal- bad

im sorry- it was a waste of time making it, waste of time watching it, and a waste of time even reviewing it. it didnt make me laugh at all- was the point that it was funny cause it was really that bad? wut ever, it wasnt good , at all. >_<

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2.81 / 5.00

Jul 14, 2004
9:02 AM EDT