The Newgrounds Quiz #2

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All bugs fixed.
Special Thanks To Hobbit Hammer
Hello, Poop4brains and CrimsonRain here with yet another Newgrounds Quiz! As a reward for beating this game you will get to play a fun mini game filled with blood and carnage! (Thanks to Crimson) Also thanks to NorwegianBL for his help with his kickass scripting. This one features 20 questions and a music choice selection. So please, kick back, and have fun! -Poop4Brains


best work yet!

/nice work u really done well on this one... keep up the good work

Vance responds:

Thanks alot man!

you were right.

i HAVE just finished the hardest quiz on Newgrounds... damn that was a good one. there were hardly any n00b questions, and you had to have some decent knoweledge to answer them all. hehe, it helps to have a window free so you can 'look into' some of the questions. lol, yes, i cheated :P
also, i found that the last question to be the easiest, but it was a grand question.
well done on creating this quiz, an excellent one.
(i loved the 'mini-game'!! hahaha, very funny).
overall score: 7/10

Vance responds:

Man, you're my favorite person on NewGrounds, you always leave an awesome review. Thanks for the review! :D

Very Cool

cough* NGDD cough* I liked the game it was done really well quizes arent supposed to be the most exciting thing in the world so dont listen to what othe people say about it being bad they are just mad that they dont even know what flash is! The graphics were really solid I liked the lay-out it looked great especially the top of it with pico and all of those guys. The sound was really cool I was impressed that you could choose your music and change it any time you wanted that was a big plus. I liked the flash I really liked the answers when you got the questions right or wrong very funny.

OVerall: Nice Work NGDD 10

Vance responds:

:) Thanks man, your review means alot.

well its a quiz... not exactly taking full..

.. advantage of flash, but yeah, it was enjoyable..

u shud add a timer to each question... cos on the ones i dint know.. i just searched NG until i found the answers... which really dint take that long...
i think 15sec/question wud be sufficient...

nice job adding a reason to want to answer correctly (the small game)..

also, a random insult/congrats thingy wud hav been more fun.. instead of the same comments if a question was answered correctly... but now im just being picky...

the game sucks ass haha, funny tho hehe

good stuff ;)


Vance responds:

Thanks alot man, we're thinking of making the NG quiz 3, but I have other things on my mind.

Iunno, thanks for your review!

Super Hard

This game was really hard, but really fun. The miny game was also really good. You had tuns of queestions. Some were really hard and scientific and some I never even heard of. I knew that LiveCorpse killed himself suicide, but I never known he stabbed his friend with a knife. Overall this game was really goo and I hope you make a third one.

Vance responds:

Heh, we're thinking of a quiz 3. Not sure though, I don't want to over-do it. You know.

But maybe.

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3.81 / 5.00

Jul 13, 2004
12:02 AM EDT
Puzzles - Quiz
  • Daily 2nd Place July 14, 2004