The Newgrounds Quiz #2

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All bugs fixed.
Special Thanks To Hobbit Hammer
Hello, Poop4brains and CrimsonRain here with yet another Newgrounds Quiz! As a reward for beating this game you will get to play a fun mini game filled with blood and carnage! (Thanks to Crimson) Also thanks to NorwegianBL for his help with his kickass scripting. This one features 20 questions and a music choice selection. So please, kick back, and have fun! -Poop4Brains


Hated it,

I agree with Everything Analog_Alkali said. Not only did you waste my time for 45 minutes to figure out all the questions and random facts, but when i didnt get the answer right i get mocked by some idiot calling me a newb, who likes gay porn apparently, because he thinks theres gay porn on Newgrounds...great, and also he used Noob, Newb, ect. out of context, like an idiot, i only played along with the quiz to play the mini game, and it sucked, a little tank...running over angry faces...thats your mini game.
To Everyone reading this, Dont bother playing, Vote 0, and i dont usually even vote, but for this crap ill vote 0, every day ill come back to it, and vote 0. thanks

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Vance responds:

Flash By UglyDisorder:

Have oyu ever even tried to make a flash? I bet not, you have to realise how much work goes into these things, but... You're a complete dumbass so you wouldn't unerstand...

P.S. You wasted fourty five minutes of your life playing this game? You must be lonley.

you need to be an ng geek to pass this!

I only got up to about question five or six bofore i needed help! I don't really know or honestly care too much about the inner workings or ng, or who-posted-what-where... So pesonally I didn't enjoy the content. I think the content of the quiz resricts the audience to NG users, and hardcore ones at that.

On the plus side though, the format works just fine, despite how annoying it is when you keep guessing the wrong answer! (i suppose that's a 'punishment' for not being knowledgable in newgrounds!) That method isbetter than going back to the same question after failing it,cause that would then be too easy.

I liked the "choose your music!" feature, as the different musical genres will appear to a wider audience.The ability to change or mute the music mid-quiz is good also, as repetative music loops can get irritaing very quickly.
By the way, your loops aren't perfect; rock and rap have a short gap, and the techno loop has an extra beat at the end.

The graphics... well, it's only a quiz! The font was easy enough to read,and the ng artwork in the top banner spruces the place up a bit.
The pacman sprites in the mini were pretty blocky, the would have looked much better redrawn in flash.

The mini-game wouldn't have survived the prtal alone without the quiz, it quickly got boring and was really a bit of an anti-climax. But it was good to see the NG tank getting put to good use!

Overall, i think if you are an NG geek then you'll enjoy this. but i am not an NG geek :)

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Vance responds:


That was fucking hard

it took me 25 tries to pass. All for the worst mini game ever

Have my 10s

This quiz is l337 ass rockin! It's even better because I'm in two of the questions ^_^


Vance responds:


thankyou for teh fifen! <3 x 1,000,000


Hard quiz but here is something you should know...

Q18 is Ben Apgar
but that anser isnt even there WHAT THE HECK!!!
its an anser but its wrong Ben Apgar
made it...

Vance responds:

Sure, it was made by him, but see.. Ben IS 512 productions, he created 512 Productions, so if i said Ben Agpar or 513 Productions, either one is correct.

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Jul 13, 2004
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