Super Mario Mishaps

July 12, 2004 –
December 19, 2008
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Author Comments

Another short, but funny sprite movie from aeProductions!

W00t!!!! I got front page! And I have to say that it's...pretty bitchin! You guys are awesome. Peace out.


That was bad. My friends say how good it is; I couldn't find one good thing about it. The sprites were pretty bad, the Homer shrieks didn't add any humour, the jokes were all expected... It doesn't deserve a 0, cause I see the work put in it, but I don't get how the score is 4.21...

i love it hhhhhhhhh lmao all the flag in his ass hhhhhhhhhhh lol^_^

voot voot haravade lolz thats my fave part

Nuff Said

i really liked when mario ran naked

LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL! The plant one had me in fits 4 days!!!!!

lol he dose some stupit tingslol!!!!!!!!

that was one of the funniest mario blooper things i ever saw! and did mario have homer simpsons voice?


bower barfed lol

kan there please be a mario mishaps 3 and 4?

RUN!!! NAKED MARIO!!!! RUN!!!!!!

that was good. it wasn't as good because I saw the second one but thats no reason to vote low

wtf that was awesooooooooooooooome

Mario is so craaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaazyyy!!!

mario whats your problem

blahblblblbdsnfisfndacv nsrfoiahhhh!!
or whatever he said at the end
it was awesome

oh man this is so funny ( i have seen it on youtube ) but man just SO funny


so random yet so good

Ok then... that... was random... But the whole thing was funny.

great job though. next time make it longer

The ending was funny as hell!!

grimjawjabberjack is an idiot, if this video would be worth that much, every single video on newgrounds would be rated 0-7, so anyways

as i siad it good

it was realy freakin awsome but even if it was short i cant give u a 9 so im givin u a 10!!!!

I would of gave it a ten but it to short.

WHY MARIO! he keeps dien:*(

Hey it was really LOL :D
but.. a little bit to short for me

But not that funny to me. Sorry! Just my opinion.

Please delete this submission.

mario go's nuts lol

holy ****!!!!! that was ****ing funny as ****!!!!! mishaps are funny and that was hilarious lmfao!!!!!!

more sorts=more stars



that is funny


mario goes crazy

WTF mario u never jump on an axe!?!?!?! but it was funny so i give it a 9

So stupid
But so effective.
So an 8.

that was funny! Naked mario, hahahaha. 10



OMG funny!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

hat is all o.o

I've seen it before but if I ha'n't seen it then it'd probly be 10 stars!
I luv'd it and coul'n't help watchin it again!!!

it was funny, but y do u hate mario sooo!!?!?!?

HILARIOUS!!! I love it. it deserves 1000000000000000000000/10 XD

That was really FUN!!!! Ahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahah
ahahahahahahahaahahahhahahahahahahaha h!!
>:D XD ;D >XD

Holy crap! I LOL'd when I saw "broken flagpole". If Mario ever saw this, he would have a seizure!

u gotta make a sequel

Short, but this was good!
Never thought I'd see Mario quite like this. LOL!

simply fantastic. the probing vine one was just mean... lol. it coulda been longer but it got what it deserved. 10/10


AWSOME!!!!!! ecspecially homer's voice!

to short

Nothing else to say except Great Flash

Could be longer but wat there was was very funnyXD!!

Freakin Hilarious


thats funny shit!!!!

awesome, i waz laughing during the whole thing!

i edited a rom so that mario was actually running around naked, it was sweet!!

Hilarious. Each and every one.

that was so funny

Quick someone get a camera!!!11!! Weird and funny, but mostly funny.

Made me laugh.

good job

dude that was awsome this is the secound time i've seen it still has its good touch

This video is VERY, VERY FUNNY! (aka LOL)



Lol keep it up!!!!

a little short but still funny as all hell, nice job

XD that was hilarious



watched it 5 times and still GOOD!

one of the funniest things i have ever seen on mario.

i almost cried in the end lol

It was short but i have to tell you it made me laugh the whole time

i love the end

Thats Hilarious!!!!!!!!! naked mario was a little.... weird but otherwise it was funny

I have to admit... Mario naked is a bit... disturbing. But funny!

Good job

it was short but who cares it was really funny

I lol'd at the part when he was running naked! XD

that was the best video ive seen yet

really funny.

when my mario jumps on the flag pole and gets electricuted

its funny when mario jumps on the broke flag pole

lol i love who broke the flag pole and mario goes crazy

Total win! They were all awesome, especially the original spriting of naked mario. This is a movie that I call nothing less than awesome.

mario kinda sounds like homer simpson very funny

why is that last one homer's voice from treehouse of horror V?

dude this is hilarious

Funny cause Mario got hurt and original naked Mario sprites

last one is homers voice

But just need to know.
How do you make mario naked sprites?

thats just messed up lol.

Good sounds, especially the last bit.
very haha

I laughed my ass off, lol

Really really funny, and I especially loved the ending with mario running around naked. Overall 10.

couldve made it longer any other than that rly funny


i love the sound you used when Mario got bolted off the flag pole,and when he losses a leg and the whole flash

Kepp it up and keep it funny

freakin funny Ü plz make more

does anyone no how 2 delete nt on newgrounds??

nice man youre flashes are great!

The stuff Mario says in the "Mario goes crazy!" is from the Simpsons halloween special VIII :D

This is some funny shit xD

Now this is funny shit. I've seen this on another site before but I really wanted to know who made this

awsome man

you used som of the sounds from the simpsons but cool movie!

Keep up the good work. You should make a similiar sprite but with sonic.

Haha good idea with this one, i was well entertained from the start, and you had some good scenes in there, so nice work and props to you on this one lots of fun and entertaining stuff to see.

Good idea with this one


Wow, just, wow. If you think Mario was goofy wait til' you see this. It was short but I think I can look forward to much greater work. Good job.

was that

the titles gave them away, some of them were kind of the same and there were barely any of them. if you make a sequel, make the titles better and spend more time on it so there are more

i have three problems with this. one: the titles were giving away the entire thing and they were completely uncreative. two: it was way too short. last: the characters just seemed dull. however, i can tell you are excellent with flash and you definitely have potential.

Funny but short

very funny but to short movie hope your third movie will be more longer anyway good job keep it that way

it was greate but a little short

Fuckin great man I havent laughed like that all week!

awesome dude make more!

this was flat out hilarious! mario goes crazy never gets old, although i would've liked to see luigi in there as well, as some parts of peach, yknow what i'm sayin?

i know mario goes crazy is super funny

dude that was funny i mean realy funny the first part(flags are good cunductors) is best

ps i forgot how to spell

I can never get tired of mario goes crazy!
Anyways, this is so good!

this guy gets probed alot doesnt he?lol try to get luigi in this he would be a good laugh and maybe some of peach

Akward to say the least but still funny seeing as Mario gets butt raped by a flag and vine.

a bit short but awesome!

that video was freakin fuuuuunnnnnnnnnyyyyyy

f*uck that was bad!

awesome XD

i love the last 1!

One of the funniest stuff on NG! You got my vote on this one!

That's all! Funny as hell!

Mario have quite of badluck!

teh funniest movie evar

that was funny

that was very funny and cool!

That Video BLEW MY MIND!

i give it a 1000/2 it was awesome and funny

Loved Flagpoles Are Good Conductors and MARIO GOES CRAZY!

need i say more?

i dont know what to say

i liked the probing fine and the broken flag poll the best






some good life tips there hehehe.

its true dont land on axes or you might lose more than your leg *hint,hint*

Lol do another but make itlonger please, that was frikin hilarious! 10/10 on this

that was fricken funny but a little short that is y u got 9/10

that was it? funny, just really, really, REALLY short.

Holy shit that was funny!

I loved the Mario goes Crazy part! I also liked it when he caught on fire. xD

Gotta love it when Mario goes crazy, thats the best part...wish it wasn't so short but I still love it!

mario goes crazy!!!!

the probing vine proper cracked me up!


Well worth wasting my life over good show mate ^^
Could it be longer though?

FUCKIN' HILARIOUS, you gotta make another!

not too funny, but it's voilent...

its ok and all. but wayyy to short. i was just getting started laughing and it ends....make it longer. great stuff though but just to bloody short.

*laughing uncontrolably*

the beanstalk bit was my fav!!!! hilarious... but too short... we need more!!!!
more laughs!!!!

Very funny,the simpsons.

lol that was amazing

Make more of this!

Great Job! Just make it longer!


if only it was longer =( make more! lot's more!



i would of given u a 10 but it was too short
but excellent

If i can i would over rate this
f***ing hillarious

Great job, it was so funny

Lol,wow,nice video!this is like one of the most funniest mario bloopers ever!
comparing this to the mario world,like blinky-10 said,it makes no sense,but its still funny!

great but not perfect

one of the best movies on NGs, keyword one of the best (;

the best movie ever!!!

It was pretty funny,and this makes me think of everything that doesn't make sense in the Mario world.

The Ending was the Best! Make Another!!!

A little short, but still very good none the less.

omg nitro gues what your stupid fuck you nitro dude look at the side it says 17 and up meening only teens can watch it not imature preteens stupid jeeze and you so knew they wouldnt let you watch it so nah

There are like 100 of this kind of movie on NG, but this is by far the best! Vote 5 every1!

Im sorry i'm young (11 years old) So i think its inappropiate. I didn't know my parents wouldn't let me watch it soooo... srry.

Yet again Mario makes a grand idiot out of himself witch is good

Good ripping of homer's voice and I think this needs an award soon and this will never get old thatc is for shure!

usually i dont watch mature and up shows...but my friend said it was funny...so i watch it

I liked it yeah

wuz that homer simpsons voice???

This is preety funny, but it's kind of messed up!!!


Yet great as hell!

This is my first look into this web site and it is brill

i thought this was realy funny
i loved the homer simpson voice

pretty funny my favourite was who broke the flag pole

yeah you can read lol

I've seen this like ten times and it's still wicked funny! short, but insanely funny!

rofl lmfao

Thats fucking funny as hell lol

A bit short but so fucking funny.

but i though it was too short...

Laughed my fucking ass off watching this everytime! ^__________^

mario gos crazy so funny 10 stars


short but sweet

Haha, great clip. You should make another one, this was a little short. Mario has a lot of characters and situations to work off. Rock on!

LOL!!!! This is such a funny vid!!!! DUDE! You should totally make a sequel!!! ROTFLMAO!!!!

that was funny

dear god that was funny

hey this movie is the bomb it is funny when mario goes crazy

My fiance and I laughed our butts off. My only complaint is that it is too short!

A great flash overlawl!

this is hilarious u should make a seccond one

very funny. i liked mario goes crazy part. <(^^<) <(^^)> (>^^)>

that is so funny

this shit was crazy i liked it.

short and funny

nice flash dude


Mario goes Crazy was my Fav!

short but funny while it lasted

fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu uuuuuuuuuuuucking awesome

verry funny! is the best mario parody that i've seen!

short, want moooore, zombie noise, mooore, mooore, loved it thanx


This is my favorite Mario Parody I've ever seen, but I ain't watched many of 'em. Still, funny, man.

This is my first review and im making it a good one. That was fucking hysterical!!!


Extremely funny :) Lved the 'Homer' like voce aswell lol

n also 4 da record i cant spell paradys or somethin like that. anyhu a fuckin mint vid of Homer Simpsons stupidity with Mario

It was soooooooooooooooooooooooooooo funny!

It's good 'n' all, but it was too short. :( 9/10 though!

lol this is very funny man!

the scene of the broken pole and mario naked are very funny!!!!
good job

*gasping for air*That was hilarious!

everyone of the crack the hell outta me great job

That was hilarious :)

LOL!!! Make, LOL, a se-, LOL, -quil,LOL, LOL, LOL, LOL, LOL, LOL, LOL, LOL, LOL, LOL!!!

it was funny when mario goes crazy

999999999+ hits on goodness!! :3 5 stars!!

you need to work harder

I liked!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
!!! 4000000000000000000000000000000000000 0000000000000000000000000000000000000 0000000000000000000000000000000000000 0000000000000000000000000000000000000 0000000000000000000000000000000000000 0000000000000000000000000000000000000 0000000000000000000000000000000000000 0000000000000000000000000000000000000 0000000000000000000000000000000000000 0000000000000000000000000000000000000 0000000000000000000000000000000000000 00000000000/10

AWESOME. says it all

That was great! I loved how you used The Simpson's audio! Perfect 10!!

it stink dude so make a better one but some what funny

Funny from begging to End.

funny but simple but i think u shouldnt have tried to pull the voice over off twice i a row

Haha nice! What about Luigi though?

that wos so funny it maded me pee my sef.

mario always screws up

that was pretty good,i meen realy what else do I have to say."omg"
ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I think im gonna die.

Really, i like the jokes and all but the thought of Mario butt nakid running across my computer screen just... omg EWWWW!
I'm not going to steal a cookie from the cookie jar today...


i hate mario

Super Mario Mishaps Is Very Funny Oh My God

hehehh....I Laugh so much hehehhehe.....MARIO IS CRAZY

Funny but i think its 2 short

i like how u used homers voice at the end

not bad it made me laugh

Not bad. Made me laugh.

omg i liked it i cant stop seeing this!!


You should have put more in it but what was there was awesome.

Those sounds were awesome, but that was what made it fun mostly.

nice job on it

make more of them

mega freeeeeeekin awesome dude rock on!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


It was funny, but too short.

pretty funny

Nice One It's Really Funny Video BEst OutTake I Have Seen

Awsome Work

LMAO ROFL LOL AWSOME!!! These are GREAT. Maybe next time u can make peach mishaps, yoshi mishaps, luigi mishaps, shy guy mishaps, or Toad mishaps!!! Nice Flash I'm giving you a 10!!! :D

kind of stupid...but still funny!

Speech less

nuf said

That was hilarious, Bryanzuber! I saw this a long time ago and i still laugh at it today XD!!

PS. is that homer simpson's voice for mario?

THAT MADE ME HURL IT WAS SO FUNNY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

i lubed the last one ^.^

dude that was the most funneist thing i ever seen!!


i got a Q where did you get that Nude Mario sprite?
please reply soon ^^

very funny but it leaves you craving for more!

That was pretty good! I liked the first one.

Very funny i liked axes are sharp

This was so funny I liked the flag poles are good conductors bit!

Funny and short!

Its A Very Short Vid, I Think It Could Be Longer. But I Think Its More Of One Of Those "Short, But Sweet!" Videos That Make You Want More!

Man Mario Was Streaking

OH MY GOD, THIS IS HILARIOUS. I honestly can't stop laughing, and i liked who broke the flagpole :)

the best part is "who broke the flagpole" xD

man that was funny espescelly the flag pole

that got a few good laughs out of me thanks

There's more where it came from! Get happy

are you kidding me this is the best work of art i ever saw i laughed like 1 hour tho its short but keep up the movies like this 100/10

not bad but kinda short

This is the best!!! keep it up!!!

best mishaps i wish it would have been longer but i know it takes a while im an mm (mario maniac) hats y i voted a 5

this is soo fucking funny
only wish it was a little bit longer
but i understand how much work this is

this is the funniest video i ever saw. Mario getting stabbbed in the ass with the flagpole AND the vine, lol so fucking funny

I love wathcing this, poor mario, got stabbed by a giant vine!

No, anybody who knows me in real life knows that I'll laugh at almost anything Mario, so you don't need to try. Despite this, I think it's very funny, but that's why you simply look before you jump on a flagpole and stay indoors during storms!

it was funny but short

that was friggin funny but it was too short.

That last one crossed the line! ( I like it! )

mario goes crazy is the best part lolz nice job XD

Very funny, nice work

Who DID break the flag pole?

Dude Make another that is 3 times as long it was soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo ooooooooooo Funny

he stabbed his balls

The end is the best and when he runs naked!!!

hah i love it wene he says son of a bitch 10/10


1.LOL got shock 2.Poor him and yuck on Bowser 3.LOL 4.LOL thats hurts 5. OMG LOL.


I've been playing mario games for years. But that was great. LOL.

acttually im laughing evrtime

man u should keep makin mor funny 1s like this! i love when mario went crazy!

That is hilarious! Did u uz Homer Simpsons voice?

this is great but the is another longer version of this,but dont remember what site.

OMG! THAT WAS SO FREAKIN AWESUM! i like the Mario goes crazy part, dat was so random and hilarious, he must've taken 'magic mushrooms'! AHAHAHA

i loved this video it was funny as hell i watch it everytime i get on

thats some funni stuff

i will never for get this it is hilarious

This one is in my favorites for real!

Sprite humor NEVER gets old...


it's really funny but it's tooooo short :P

The Mario gose crazy part was the best!

This is a good flash to watch if lifes got u down and u need a quick laugh!!! :P

I loved the sounds and when he cut his leg off and bowser threw up, Priceless!!!

Good job. I liked this movie.

mario gettin' the falg pole up his ass was fucking funny. keep it up

I love the homer voices xD

funny shit man funny shit


Great job on this one. Can't wait to watch the next one. Sure theres plenty more mishaps to be had. Not sure whats up with the white screen at the end, but other then that it was awesome.



This movie is just so funny.The only flaw was that the sound was not so good and was short.Keep up the good work!=)

short but well done good job

That was Funny"!!!!!! :D!!!!


awesome flash! bit short though but fuckin funny!

Great flash. Like the ending when he gos nude. lol

That is the best 1 ever! especilly when mario goes crazy!


i have been looking forever to try and find this again the probing vine and who broke the flagpole.....classic i almost feel sorry for mario's balls that was great

Make it more longer and funnier plz!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!????????????!!!!!

make more man with mario doing more stuiped stuff.

hom-io ??? ne freaking halariorous

I love it! XD but it's kinda short

loved the axe/flagpole...

sweet and funny but kinda short.

Still.. it was funny... what was there anyway...

AHAHAHA! Funny stuff. Too short, though :(

this would have got 10 stars if only it was longer but i still like it

*sees mario jabbed* bleahhhh

if only it was longer :D

Not many short videos can make me laugh like yours did, keep up the good work!!!

That was a real cool video, man! My favorite part was when Mario was running around naked and screaming like Homer Simpson in that one Treehouse of Horror episode. I wonder how you got that sprite of a naked Mario. Only complaint I have is that it's too short. But overall, good job on the video!

Great i love the sound bit from the simpsons halloween episode, when Homer goes crazy lol!

LMFAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! this video was on the front page 4 years ago...... and its still funny. this vid will never get old!!!!!!

Wow... that was hilarious!!!! This vid was the funniest Mario short i've ever seen!

So funny need too see this again xD

poor marios ass,the probing vine and the flagpole,lmao hilarius.keep up the good work

MORE!!!!!! I DEMAND MORE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

this is just so hilarious...iv seen this like thousand times and it laughs every time ( soz about my bad eng. :D )

make a 3 one~!!!!!

that was some funny azzz sshizzznit



Funny.Keep making more.

Man everytime I see this I busrt in so much lafter man u rock

lol it brought a tear to my eye


i like the bit when mario jumps on the pole as mario had homer simpson

rofl, this shit is hilarious, i... need.... AIR!!!!!!!!!!!11!!! (XP. keep up teh good stuff! =D

great work, hilarious shit, the voice is from homer, love the part where he goes crazy, fuck! how did you do that?

This shit it funny.....no wait!! Scratch that, IT WAS FUCKING HILARIOUS!!! XD
I love it!! this shit is cool. U gotta put up more of this shit!!!

that shit is so funny espiacially the part of who croke the flag pole

HAHAH, I love all the Simpson quotes in there, and when mario goes crazy, that's from the Shinning spoof the simpsons did in a treehouse of horror and homer goes crazy, check it out, it's fucking hilllarious! Great job man. <-------- IS OBSESSED WITH THE SIMPSONS!!!


like it like it^^

It was funny, but next time make it last longer. That was about, what, two minutes long? Well, besides the length, it was still funny as heck!


Although it was rather wierd seeing Mario in the nude, it was rather humorous!

This was totally utter rubbish......I mean, absolutely horrendous! And turning Mario in to something like that is not funny........no stars!

it was funny as hell! you should make more of these mario stuff!

lol. that last 1 waz the best

its so funny

Dat was so great mi title was speechless!

man i haven't seen that much homer impressions since gorge bush won the elction lol

Three words MAKE, A, SEQUEL this is what newgrounds is all about fantastic job.


Great job, keep making stuff like this its funny!!!

Great ideas mate, keep up the good work

Ha ha ! This was very funny i really liked the ideas and i really liked the first one and the fourth one ! Well done keep up the good work !

Thats funny especially the first one

that was the best thing i ever saw and the internet

Short, but hilarious!!!!!!!!! :D

lolololol xD

super awesome!!supsuper awsuper awesome!!esome!!er super awesome!!awesome!!super awesome!!super awesom!!

Very funny...Poor mario

No, I mean lol funny!

XDDD that funnnnyyyyyyXDDD

:> Funny pure funny but a weird parodie


hilarious dude u should make more

Dude this is fucking awesome!
Got any more?

nice but mario shouldnt have homers voice.

A bit short, but funny as bloody Hell. Loved it.

Who are they to hate? This is what you or anyone really like if you have comedic taste. Above it all this episode is still simply the best.

I've never really been much of a fan to those particular spite sheets, but I can overlook that. It's a bit short, but that doesn't stop it from making me laugh. Excellent work!


too short... but nice...

Good video dude. xD

Good job. Good sprites music and voices. I watch that movie over milion times (:D) and I think its too short. But with all good job and keep it going.


Ok.Its Good And Fun.

I found it pretty funny, good job! But it was just a little too idiotic and a bit too short, but nevertheless good job keep on going!


Dude that was bloody hilarious keep up the awesome stuff!!! =D

i laughed my ass off!

I think i see why Mario went crazy......

great movie though it should be longer

It's really funny my brother a loves it!!!!!!!!!!!!

I would've givin' it a ten, but it wasn't long enough.

the sounds from homer simpson made it funnier

LOL, easy one of my favorite Mario parodies.

read the thing above this message. thank you :)

god i almost wet my pants!

im glad there's SMM 2!!! this is classic, my friends watch it all the time. you rule!

it is not funny i do not lick Super Mario Mishaps

Flagpoles conduct electricity=clowning.

you have no idea how hard i laughed at the mario goes crazy thing, i love this xD

im cracking up right now not htat you can see it

Funny is funny

Haha very funny!

he's so sexy

Short but funny. Will there be more like this?

funny as helll great moive

Oh my god! This Video was very very amusing. Great Job man. Keep working on stuff like this. ^^

Hilarious stuff, made me laugh alot, should have made it longer though

i cant stop.......laghin its goin in my favorites!

But too short! Only 1:32!

no fuggin way but you made me crap myself i mean it thank you i laughed again
and after 57 times it is still funny

that was really funny! i loved every single bot of it! 9/10!

short, yet extremely funny!

LOL really funny but when on mArio goes crazy it would be more funny if when he jumped on the pipe that flower came out and bit his balls

that cracks me up evry time, i never get tired of it.

This is great, I really enjoyed watching this, and by the looks of it, you got front page at the time. Good work, you deserved it.

You're a good flash creator

Best part were when Mario gets himself hit at broken flagpole. Using Homers voice in it were greatly done.

Thought it was funny, I liked the way you used Homer Simpsons voice in one or two sketches. But it was very short compared to the Sonic one's.

It's was OK.

these are quite good jokes keep up the work

that was funny, especially when he goes crazy.

You heard joeyhalo... and I just ditto him.

Nice and also Josta5, you're account might be deleted b/c you posted html OOH! BUSTED!

Still and will always remain one of my personal favorites

Dude that was so fucking funny!

that was funny i'm still laughing and the axe part
9/10 for its hallarious but short

make more this is funny as heck man

This is the funniest thing i have ever saw. Me and my friends laughed until we cried!!! =)

that my little sister wet her pants

HOLY SHIT! so fuckin hilarious!

this is fucking hilarious

lol, I sarted laughing the very second I saw him get shoked by lightning,but my favorite was when he went streaking. i put graphics 10 because it looks better than the origianal one

funey lolololololol


could have made it longer then it would be better (in my opinion) but its still good

This is one of the best flash submissions i have seen in a while
the sequels are better but this is still good

U need to make a 3rd one

I liked it fuck**' much.


This is freak'n funny, my favorite part is the probing vine.

you couldve made it a lot longer, but it was still a great flash, good job

the best dam pariody

it is so funny


cool man bryanzuber the best one im cillittbang yo

Keep mario funneys comen

hehe actually, yeah it was funnie.. but the fact that mario got impalated in the ass in almost every scene..was indeed funnie..but kinda repetitive and.. painfull DX
The Crazy mario was hilarius! DX ahahaha pretty funnie
Veredict: really nice 8-10

This flash was better than sliced bread, make more!

MAKE MORE......or i will hurt you

p.s. wazzz up

this shi is hella fuuny

This is off the road.Its a short film but very funny you should watch it
(or die).

Holy shit this was f***ing funny.Mario sure does go crazy,that fat spaghetti eating slob.Keep it up,I loved this video. C:


Nice movie, Man!

Great job. That was hilarious

its funnny


freeken halarious

i like

Did mario want to emulate what he saw on America's Funniest Home Videos, or did he just misjudged the jump?
Also, Bowser barfed at the axe sceen.

This little flash may not be able to compete with some other newgrounds mario flashes, but this one deserves to be watched one more time....

~luigi-dude10 >)

1. Too few bloopers. Surely you could have something like the piranha plant that jumped out of the pipe and went on a rampage.

2. Mario goes crazy. Could one really use Mario and streaking in the same sentence? Well if you were saying 'Mario would never go streaking'

who did the last review on this. I'd say he was the one on drugs:)

is he on drugs or something? bjhgjhgjgjhgfjhgddhgfghgfgfdgf djhgfdkgjdgfsdgsfhgfsdkhgfdsgj bnxbx im only putting this in so i can submit the review

Mario must be havin a pretty crappy day.

This is great... I used to always play Mario games when I was a kid, now i can watch vidio's... hell these are cooler than the games, I can't wait to see what kind of mishaps Mario will endure next

funny stuff. good job. if only it had a couple of more scenarios.

Nicely done!The flag pole parts were very funny!I don't know what to say more..

all of that rocked,keep it up!

There was nothing really wrong with this flash at all. It just didnt have a lot of "my type" of comedy in it, plus it was short. Sorry man, don't let that get you down though, you have really good skill.

hahahahahahahahahahahahahahhah ahahahahahahahahahhahahahahaha haha. You made mario so freakin' funny! Do it again! hahahahahahahahahahahahahaha.

No matter how many times I watch it I can still get a kick out of it! If there is 1 thing I can say, it would be that wish it could be longer. :(

i loovwed the part when mario whent crazzy-ahhcabloobluahhahddh XD

mario lost all sence of dignity and self esteem sence he was raped by a broken flag pole and a vine OUCH(*O*) lol i give it a 9.5 out of 10 and putting it in my fav's

this's a good one,i think i'll watch it again!


make more

It was good but it could've been longer.

This goes #1 in my favs.! other than 2 i hope you make more XD

Good ol' crazy mario

Woah, that movie ROCKED! It was short, but one of my favorite "Mario bloopers" movies! Will vote five! And to other guys: Watch this!!! Vote five!

That was a really short video
It made absolutely no sense, but it's funny!

This was really funny and a cool flash. I only wish it were longer! Great work :]


Great flash movie! Made me laugh. btw, what is that music you used in the credits?

This is bad & i didn't like it, because it was making fun of Mario & stuff & i'm a big fan of Mario. Sorry about that.


I like when mario goes crazy!!!!

hghdjdjedkdekdfd.... lol!!!!

This was a bit... Well... Boring!

The graphic should be like yours in 16 bits movies soo.....
Style well it's a whoull new style!!
The sound was ok!!
Violence= Well all the time!!
Interactivity= To press the Play button!
Humor = LOL!!!

Well the last scene sucked!!!


Great stuff dude.. I've always prefered Mario in his 'retro' form. Anyway, really funny and the sounds was great, were the sounds of Mario going crazy Homer Simpson?

lol dude that was good but why wasnt peach in it? cuase it would have been better and with luigi cuase i hardly ever see him in his 90s form "hint" "hint"any ways good stuff. PS if you can draw manga and anime then make a hentia one it would kick ass and you would probly the first to make it in hentia form think about you would probly be sooooooooooooo fameouse but whaterever i realy dont care im just bored and i want porn.......umm .PPS.... wooot that was kick asss allaround man you raock out loud!!!!! XD

lol this was really funny i liked it

I Found this really funny how mario did all the weird things that sort of connect to the actual game and overall i loved it.

I loved it. Mario running around naiked...pure hilarity.

Nicely done, kind of scratchy sound, but original ideas :D

I don't think i've evr seen such a good movie of mario! The ideas were very Unique!
Keep it up!

p.s I'm not easyly pleased! xD

p.s.s My first vote! xP

wow man!!! fuggin hilarious!!! i bout piss myself watchin this vid, keep um comin man!!!

LOL that was awesome. I couldnt stop laughing when he jumped on the broken pole! LOL keep up the good work!

I watched this 3 times and laughed as hard every time! Keep up the good work :D

Mario went crazy and Mario jumping on flag poles LOL!

this movie was so damn funny!!!its amazing!and,who did break the flag pole!damn kids!

I really enjoyed watching this flash! "Flag Poles are good conductors." That was the best one right there. And yes, you shouldn't step on axes. That one was good too.

Graphics: Very nice! The sprites were animated well.
Style: I liked your style for flash. Sprites are great.
Sound: The background music fitted very well. The voices were on the dot too.
Violence: It had some good violence. I liked it.
Interactivity: Well, it was a movie. So, none.
Humor: I liked most of them. The last one wasn't too funny, but the rest were great!
Overall: Great job! Keep it up!

It was funny but a bit to short.

dood this is the funnyist thing iv seen all day

It left me laughing like crazy!

That was a hilarious movie but the funniest part was when mario was running across the screen nakid.

Now thats a funny movie. one of the funniest ones i've seen all week. I hope there are more coming soon.

I love the last part!!!!!!!!!!!!BLAHHHIKHDDGDA DUIHIHIDUGYD!

screw the before person and their chainletter, save it for ur email this is the area to comment on internet cartoons!

Thats Great Perfect What Should Happen In the Game.

that was hillariouse! great job

that was amazing! I thougt it was funny when the vine when straight up marios ass! priceless!!! make another.

My Favorite part was when mario was running naked lol that was messed up.

hey that was pretty good.funny and everything,but kinda short.

This movie was pretty funny but it could of had more over all it wasen't bad...

Lol xD... i think it is the best Mario parody!... It's great... so much funny... !

ha ha ha ha ha ha ha omg the best part was the ending

that was short but kickass funny. the last part was the funniest. ....funny.

yes it is all 10 well most of it but u could of made it longer

lol this is so freaking fuuny! u gotta make another 1!!!!!!!!!!


Dude, you have got to make more of those!! Especillay when he gets killed from the axe!! lol!!

This might be the funniest flash I have ever seen I hope to see more in the Super Mario Mishaps seres!

Very VERY nice. I'll have to go look at more of your work

This is so funny i love the broken pole thing and the homer simpson voices are awesome this is a funny video!!!

i like the axe part and the flagpole


it was pretty funny...i wish it was longer... it was a very good job

that was pretty funny. but yeah, mario did sound quite a lot like homer simpson.

yay!! that was funny! especially when mario goes like, all crazy and stuff. i loved it!


This was a funny one.Keep up the good work

this was a very funny mario parody

Awesome work dude, keep up the great work man.

Did you realise that Mario is a reincarnation of Homer Simpson? His voice is exactly the same. Did you get Mr. Groenings permission?

Other than that fricking awesome!

That was hilarious but next time make it longer! XD XD XD XD XD XD XD

That was kind of short but it was so good! seriously! I loved it when he went crazy i started cracking up but next time make it longer please!

it was funny as hell to see mario get his leg chopped off

Hope mario is still alive after that... the probin vine looked the most painful...

I love your work please make more.

I COULDNT STOP LAUGHING! my favorite part was both of the flag pole scenes lol


There wasn't one spot where I didn't laugh. I laughed so hard that tears came out of my eyes. My favorite is the probing vine. Good job.

who the hell jumps on an axe!?!?!

wierd but very funny

it was funny watching mario screw up!

It's a little too short. And I don't like that you used sound bytes of Homer Simpson as Mario's voice. But I still thought this was hilarious and I loved it!

you need to put in more stuff and make it longer.

Damn, man, that was some funny shit! And btw, I know two of those voice effects were from an episode of the simpsons. One of them being the part from "Mario Goes Crazy". Excellent work dude.

that was sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo funneh!mario naked great job man :)

dude that was hillarious im still cracking up

this was way to short to really enjoy it. make one a lot longer then we'll talk.

Watch This If You want A Quick Laugh Very Hilarious despite the shortness

i know why u came here mario goes crazy again!!!

Go mario kill urself while ur add it damn man run forest run!!

this is one of the better clips on this website

pretty damn funny if i don't say so myself.....by the way i love the simpsons sound byte added in.....very funny bring us more like that one.....later

Awesome use of flash and talent, so can you please make us another mario flash please? i give you a 10/10, a 5/5, and a 100/100. Thank you for your time.

This has got to be my, if not one of my favorite vids on Newgrounds. I just thought that it was hilarious! It had me laughing the whole time! Especially the last few scenes were really good.

Two thumbs up.


it was funny, i like all the crazy things tht happened to mario. it woulld be pretty kool to play a game like tht.

(Deathman7 has not reported a reveiw due to a massive seizure from laughing at the portal)

lol this was so damn funny... WHO BROKE THE FLAG POLE?!?!?! and flag poles are good conductors are hilarios!!! but the best 1 of all has got to be MarIo GoeS CRAZY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! lol my lil bro and i laughed so damn hard at that!!!!

I like is it is some funny stuff LOL :p

That was really funny (lol naked mario)

Seeing Mario streaking at the end of the movie, gotta watch that again. Oh and barfing Bowser was awesome too! Make more, please!

i lmfao when i saw that probing vine you have to make more of those.

good job i think that you should make it a little longer tho

No, it ain't an insult, it's a compliment, yet I don't know why it is. Anyway, you should think more about what you put in a flash video before you release it on Newgrounds. Just a suggestion.

:):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):) Haha that was hilarious make more of these.

lol mario goes crazy hmm good job it was funny

... that I have an idea for the next one! OK, it starts out with Luigi standing there, then he says, " It's me, Luigi! Number-a 1!" Then Mario walks up behind him, shoots him in the head and says, " Not anymore BITCH!" That would be awesome! If you do use it though, be sure to say so in the credits.


Me and my friend watched this, and this is great stuff man :D
The funniest part was where he went crazy and ran around.

Rofl, I love that, make a sequal!!!

It was hilarious.

this was one of the first flash movies i saw on newgrounds ages ago lol
it is still funny so i´ll give it the score it deserves

I loved this one, it was awesome! Sound was great.

I was lauging my ass off on that! Its so funny when he goes crazy and when he burns!

It is ok and pretty funny but be sure to use more sound than homer simpson.


I liked the vine one. That was one of the best Mario paridys ive ever seen. Keep it up.

THAT WAS GREAT the best mario parodie ever

This is one of the best Mario flash ever i can't stand it Ha Ha HA!!! The sound is crappy but the violence and humor out of this world!

what can i say that no 1 else already said

that was so funny !!! i liked it

very funny mario mishaps do more plaese

I love the Flash you made but it was too short, you should've been a bit longer.

i searched in a dictionnary for the word 'hilarious' and then i saw a picture of your flash! gj


Oh,brilliant!This is sooooooooo funny.Short but sweet,and the best fun ive had in ages!!!

That was great

funny as hell!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! lmao!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Good job with this one... This is the way Mario should be treated in all of his games. Had me laughing the entire time! Next video, make it longer.. like another 2 scenes.

That last scene was hilarious....i just wish there was more scenes but anyways good job!!!

This short movie opened my eyes and i realised that all mario games should be made like that but we should be able to go peach ...wink wink... you no wat i mean

this shit made my day!!!

dude thats hilarious i love the probing vine one lolz keep up the good work thats freakin funny!!!!


Hey, that's some random facts for 'ya from Mario. =D


So much humor in this movie ! I like it ! Make more !!!

i want bigger and longer. it was so good!!!



It's so funny man, especially when mario had Homer Simson's voice in one part of the movie and in the end! I'm still laughing just thinking about it. AWSOME MAN!

Sincerly Goombaman

Well it was a good animation and i liked the part of the mising flag but you know it could have been a little longer don`t you think?

Dude, that was brutal! I really like the part that Mario stepped on an axe and lost his leg, and Bowser threw up!! Remember, azes are really sharp; don't even jump on them or one of your body parts will be sheared off! And another great part is that his ass got pierced by a broken flag pole!! Oh God, I nearly threw up! Nice movie, but next time, when you put Mature, make sure you put more violence into it OK? Peace out!

Good job with your use of Homer sounds! I loved the "crazy Mario" part! But why did this get a "mature"? I didn't find anything overly offensive.

All tens for u dude it was the best!

this ones not overrated...sorta.

i can't stop laughing

Its awesome



That was da shit! Funniest movie i've ever seen! New, creative ideas! I loved it!

OMG one of the funniest movies eva!

i liked this one

I've seen better, th animation could use some work, there was a good intention with the humor, but it just didn't get me laughing.

Good try though


i luv dat bit where he goes crazy icouldnt stop laughin its great

lol, i cant stop laughing about that lightning part lol

hahahahahahahah i stared laughing right when mario jumps on the ax and bowser just stares. from there on i couldn't stop laughing.. ahahahahahahahhahaah keep up the good work

Oh man,its funny to hell! I showed to my friends,they enjoyed it too!Continue making it,it is so cool!

Dont listen to that guy below, he doesnt understand good humor, great job especially at the end...lol, the sound and voices are the things that made it really funny. keep up the good work

why are their so many people like you, making fun of stuff with your gay jokes and racial slurs and porn (even though porn rocks) you still need to learn times are changing and you need to make fun of ummmm harry poter, do somthing creative like harry gets killed by his broom. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . hmmmmm plus super mario brothers for the nes is one of the few things we have left in our old school items of joy, embrace it

oh this falsh stole me from my wits man. keep making these....... or you will suffer my canine fury.......bwahahahahahah

HA HA HA that was funny make another one.

who broke the flag pole and mario goes crazy are the best parts of the movie,good use of homer simpson and this is better then the second 1

this was awsome, cant wait for more!

why did you use voices from the simpsons


I'm the 150, 600th voter! :D

Was very funny! Just a bit short, but I've watched the second one and thatone makes up fr this ones shortness.

hahahaha the end is hilarious! man great

This movie was an extremely funny one. I've seen dozens of mishaps, and despite this movie's shortness, it rivals them in pure comedic quality.

The only complaint I have is that the movements weren't as fluid as they could have been, but that's just a minor quirk. It was funny as hell, and you definately got that point across.

WTF thats gotta be the funniest mishaps ve seen, make more!

all i can say is that was definatly one the funniest things i have ever seen in my life, bar none!!! fucking halarious

I swear to god i almost choked for laughing

OH MY GOD THAT WAS THE FUNNIEST THING I HAVE EVER SEEN. My fav. scenes where when Mario gets the vine shoved up his ass, when Mario gets a broken flag pole shoved uo his arse. and last butt not least when Mario starts running around buck nekked like a lunitic. ps the extra t in but is not a typo I did it intentionally as a pun, you know because all my fav. scenes eather involed things being shoved up Mario's ass or seeing mario's ass.

So funny! I saw this a while ago before I even became a member of Newgrounds. Your Super Mario Mishaps are proberly one of the funniest out there! I guess Mario is even funnier when he has Homer Simpsons voice. This was great overall.

funny ass flash good work man!!

this is one of the funniest flashes ever!!! sure its short... but who cares!!??!?! . keep up the good work dude!!!

That was probably the funniest mario parody i've ever seen. Only thing wrong with it was that it was too short. good work.

Good old mario! Maybe the best mario parodie ive ever seen! Much was this again and again! Good Humor

That had to be the best 8 bit-Mario parody I've ever seen. This one HAS to go on my video iPod. Great job!

LOL... nice job with this one! i noticed you used Homer Simpson in the last two "mishaps"...lol he got probed by a vine and a flag pole...


OMG man that was awesome! I was laughing so hard.

I've seen lots of game paradoies, but this ranks as one of the most memorable. Theres really not much that can be said about it, except great job, if not maybe a bit twisted. And, if I'm not mistaken, the voice of Homer were a pretty good fit.

dude that was funny especially when it showed the scene mario goes crazy make more of em

The nude scene was the funniest, you did good on everything, especially the humor! AWESOME!!!

omg that was so funny! short but worth it... mario sounds a little like homer tho ;)

That was one of the funniest thing ive every seen

i lauphed my ass off

I found this on some other site, you stole it, really.

This WAs A Funny Short Please Make More And I Will Give You A Good Score :)

Totally hilarious, one of my favs.

Would've given it a four, but P.O.D.?

Sorry man, but this never had a chance after that.

that was funny especially homer's voice and the screaming.

hey why dont u respond

Not bad. I just loved the way you pointed out obvious things like "Axe's are sharp".

Very good. Could be better if you added some more clips. It was origional. I haven't seen much else like this. Good sounds, I notice you borrowed them from the simpsons. I could recognise Homer's cries of pain.

i thought it was great the flag pole thing the axe and the conductor espsecially when mario goes crazy

this is the best mario bloopers i ever saw keep up the good work, mario mishaps is one of those must see things

Damn shit, that was funny as hell--The other kinds suck, this one Owns all, keep making stuff lmfao

Dude, that was funny as hell XDXD especially the last 1 made me laugh so hard, whoever don't like this is a queer who don't kno sh*t

Dude that was funny shit!!

Brilliant! Hey I noticed that you put Homer Simssons voice for the last 2 clips. Doesn't bother me though.

That was funny xD

My rating:
Graphics: Pretty well done graphics... 8
Style: Must've taken some thought to think up this
Sound: Not to good... but at least mario had a voice
Violence: Not very violent
Interactivity: You cant do any interaction with this
Humor: That was F***ING HILARIOUS!

dude the first one with the poll got shocked by lighting biatch damn that must hurt XD
then with the poll going up his ass damn taht 's got to hurt a lot man a lot. good job anyway

oh by the way you didnt use marios voice it was homer simpsons

I havent seen a good Mario blooper reel in a while. Nice job.

Simpsons Rules! Simpsons+Mario=ROFL! This Flash Rules.


The Pole one was the best, followed by the thunder one.

lol that was funny! keep it up!

Pure hilarioty(sp?)! Everything was funny to an extreme. If only this bliss lasted a little bit longer v.v

HAHAHA woah! dude..wtf was that!? nice. so i pretty much agree with the bottom comment..pretty much.. lol

howly shit dude this is sum awesome fucked up shit.this is still fucking better then the second one

keep up the good work

Awesome flash!

Short, too short, but REALLY GOOD !
One of the best mishaps' movies !

that movie was hilarious, especially when mario goes crazy. he should do that when you beat the mario games

WOW i think i would have gave it a 9 if bowser just started laughin at mario when his leg got chopped off Good though

The music/ SFX that plays when it showuing the scene, for ex. Flag poles are good conducters. where can I download that sound?


LOL! Oh my fucking god WTF, that was hilarius.

heh some fucked up shits

This was very funny stuff. I am surprised I haven't seen more outtakes of Mario like this.

I thougth that flash was one of the funniest things ive ever seen!!

oh man, that was horrible funny
i don´t want to be the asshole mario,
i think, he likes that...

that was funny! at the end when mario is runnin around nude, hes shouting like a maniac and (i dont know why im telling u this cos u'd have to be stupid to not know this) the shouting is what Homer shouts on an episode of the simpsons

I liked the mario goes crazy part.

that up there `"^_^ is hilarious!!!

totally kickass man.

Lol. That was funny! Heheheh hahah XD

toooooooooooo sshhhhooooooorrrrrrrtttttt (too short)

That vine had to hurt. also the pole thing.....Ouch. Anyway that was funny keep it up.

I'm still a fan of your Mario Parodies. I hope you consider making more very soon. I like your style.

oh well too late now LOL!. great flash. make some more but have some with luigi in them (mabey some Super Mario World themed screw ups too) over all this was funny! Especialy the AXE ONE! LOL.

!! outta !0:P.

The sequel to the first Mario Mishaps DX was pretty good. he humor in it was good and the graphics where good as well. You did an nice job making this flash sequel.

Yea, that's just great, expect a 5 out of 5 from me... for ALL your movies

This is really funny almost the funniest thing ever!

it wasnt that funny to me...couldnt recive i higher score from me either

alright but short

thats funny and awsome and you did good man

Not only was that movie the balls, but when mario ran naked, you aced it.

That has got to be the funniest mario blooper for the nes version i've ever seen, including the 2nd part. The homer voices were especially hysterical. I also enjoyed mario screaming, as well as when he went cRaZy. That was awesome!

Homer: "No TV and no beer make Homer something something...
Marge: "...Go crazy?"
Homer: "Dont mind if I do!!"

I saw this on another site, before NG got there tiny little hands on it... I loved it. In fact SMB DX was one of the first ones I saw.

In fact these Mario sprite movies are really funny, good job. Keep up the good work.

When a movie makes you laugh so hard you cover your keyboard in a mess of saliva and Pepsi you know you have a winner. Perfect score.

This movie definitely has its moments, but Mario Goes Crazy would've been funnier if you had enemies just staring at Mario in disbelief. XD

If you and Bigfoot3290 knew each other you guys would blow... no.... MASSACRE THE COMPETITION!!!!! KEEP UP THE GREAT WORK


lol wery funny!!!one of the funniest i have movie i have seen on newgrounds


that about sums it up

I loved it alot. Especially the end where Mario goes f'ing insane! That was my fav part of the whole movie!! Keep em coming!!!

hilarious make more!!

I saw this a long time ago and it is just as funny as it was a year ago

it was funny

LOL! fuckin funny! dats all I gots 2 say!

i couldn't stop laughing, i never thought to see a naked mario runnin' like a madman, my favorite part is when Bowser pukes after Mario gets stuck in the axe. This was one of the best n funniest clips i ever seen.

i just didn't like the voice of homer simpson there, you could use another.


I will never play Super Mario Bros. the same again.
I have made it a habit for 3 years to play Super Mario. Bros. every day for at least 10 minutes; and i can say i will never play this the same again!

I liked when Mario jumped on the axe and Bowser (thats my name :P ) threw up! The look on both their faces was priceless!

Very good idea and well executed!

Haha, using Homer Simpson's voice for Mario was a great idea. Great bloopers. Do Mario 2 + 3! I'd like to see what you could come up with :P

It was really funny! Good stuff.
It's a shame that it was too little...
Anyway, keep the good job and the good sounds on your animations.

that was great, nice sense of humor! but a little short


that was funny, especially naked mario. wait 'till u see my mario spoof coming september 2005.

I have always been a fan of the video game spoofs and i do love the mario ones but some of the stuff is getting kind of old. I did like the lightning strike thing and the mario goes crazy part. The first one made me choke on my drink cause it caught me off guard lol.

not bad for another ^$*#ing mario movie

i cant believe i would see the day mario would be crazy, wild, on drugs, or any of the combinations. good job brian!


Amazing dare I say, and excellant use of Homer Simpsons voice :-)

A good collection of these in a movie, and you will be honored!

ha ha ha he sounded like homer simpson

This was a short Mario mishap but is was FUNNY! lol!!! Mario goes Crazy ha! ha! Make more funny shit like dis and KEEP IT UP!

...good job dude!

Wow...Funny in a sick and twisted way XD!

Damn good... ive seen better, but damn good.

you aare asome u should make a 2 and a 3 i rate 101 out f 100

It is near perfect You are one great flash artist.

With the voice from Homer Simpson make it more funnier

but it's a short movie

hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha you rock!

LMAO! The only flaw is that you needed to make this longer. Other than that, nice job!

This was truely Gangsta! I loved every part of it especially the first part "Poles Make Good Conductors" I can watch it over and over and still laugh

I liked the part where Mario went crazy and went blahahh! Hahaha funny

dis shitz fab all time nigga!

that shit was so fukin gangsta my nigga and i luv how u blended mario and the simpsons so beautifully keep up the great work my nigga

Dude! It was really funny! I like when Bowser pukes. But I enjoyed when he jumps on the flag pole and when he goes crazy, specially because Homer's voice really matches him!

That was too funny man!
good use of sprites and homer simpson:P
Could have been longer tho, but its over and im still laughing so i dont think it matters :P

This is such a fun movie, and there are sprites!!!!!!!!

Graphics a 10, because of GOOD SPRITES!!!!!

Style a 6 cuz the movie was short and could have a bit more to it...

Sound a 10 because of the Homer Simpson soundbites:)

Violence a 10 because, well, wasn't it the point?...

Interactivity cuz..I...uh...pushed the start button...

Humor a 10 because of violence, HS soundbites, and naked mario.

Over, this is one of the cooler sprite submissions I have watched cuz its old nintendo style man.....

This made me laugh it's well worth the look

Hahahah make more

I remember the first time I saw this movie. I laughed so hard that I nearly woke up everyone in the house (this was around 11PM to Midnight or somewhere around).

My favorite parts are the many times Mario gets hit in the nuts.
What made the movie so damn funny were the sound effects.

Mario running around naked was the funniest part. Great job on another funny Mario sprite!

1: He slides down, and YEEARRRRGH! He burns. 2: He jumps on the axe, and WHOOP! Bowser barfs. 3: Mario hits the block, then the vine sprouts on him. 4: He jumps to the flagpole, and OUCH! That's gotta hurt. 5: Look at that nudity! He's running around all over 1-1. The question is, why would it be rated Mature?

This is going on my favorite submissions! "Mario Goes Crazy" was just too funny!!!

Hey...I need to smile tonight, and you're doing a good job of it!
It did need to be longer, though...but then again, i'd be hard-pressed to think of half this stuff...so I guess I can't complain ^^
Good use of the audio from The Simpsons, but the way...it really does work on so many levels, and your selection of them never ceases to make me giggle.

whoever did not watch this................. MOVE YOUR MOUSE RIGHT NOW AND CLICK WATCH IT RIGHT NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! this is one of the most funniest things I have ever seen in my life.

I never get tired of seeing this awesome shit this is soooooooooo funny

ok... umm combining simpson's sound clips and altering images from SMB... it *could* have been funny but it was just sort of thrown together haphazardly... if you had a story it would have been a _lot_ better...

i never get tired of watching this

That was so funny! I cracked up so much that I fell on the floor! This deserves a 10!

Fuuny & Crazy!

Yes i just reviewed your DX version of Mario Mishaps and this was just as funny! keep em going dude!

That is the greatest mario spoof ever
this is a classic!@


I knew Mario would go nutso one day!!! That was freakin' HILARIOUS!!! Keep up the good work!

(Here's an idea... Mario has a little accident with a fire flower...)


Last scene rocks!


5/5 rated flash, you are now in my fave artists list

I'm making a religon based on you because of this flash

Hey there.. Karma here. I just reviewed your Mario Mishaps DX movie. I found it to be lacking, becuase of the the converted images, and the overusing of Mario (altrhough that isn't THAT much of a bad thing, really) Although i liked that movie enough to give it a 5 out of 10, I liked this past one more. It was actually funnier, quicker, and had much better timing then the newer movie.

Also, i see you used sprites in this one. yay. I would reccomened you stick to sprites. But also maybe you could try making them a bit more authentic to the actual game. Maybe it's just me, but i love the retro pixellated look, and wish that your sprites were crisper and sharper. Otherwise, i laughed at this one more than i did Mario Mishaps DX. So maybe you should go back to this style of making movies.

Anyway, just a suggestion, there. this gets a 6, although techincally i wanted to give this a 6.4 or maybe even a 6.6. (I tend to always want to be very exact in my reviews.)

great movie but a lil short

I found this one oh so funnier than the two overs! That must hurt...

I cant stop watching these movies!

Seeing that im a big nintendo fan, not to mention a big mario fan, i thought this was so damn funny, this is a keeper for sure. This is'nt stupid like other mario parodies. But, just one more thing. Next time i'd like to see mario and Luigi going crazy. that'd be great

this stinks. i mean the graphics rocked, the style is unforgetable, the sound blew me away, violence...... when mario gets zapped by the pole.... total classic, the humor....... when mario runs out naked speaking gibberish......... i couldn't stop laughing. so this gets a....



that was a classic there that was funny keep it up


very funny indeed.

keep it up.

A little on the short side, but funny nonetheless.

This movie rocks so much so funny one of the funniest movies i have seen on newgrounds definetely....i have put this on my 2nd fravorite in my fravorites.


Your movie is the bomb, can't wait until Super Mario Mishaps 3. Keep it up dude!

That was so FUNNY!!!! MARIO GOES CRAZY!!!!

i almost pissed myself i was laughing so hard. great work.

That was great the part was probly the who brole the pole part.

That was laughable! I wish it was longer!!!

AND- YES!!! -"MARIO- MIDDLE AGED PLUMER" That what I agree with!! (That's is sort of perverted that Middle aged plumber is used in a game for children! LOL. oooo that's a dirty thing from Nintendo's side!
make more mario kills!!

(by the way- I disagree with hypershadow45 - Sonic 1 was my favorite game-well I didn't play any other ones though!LOL

Did you make another movie of Mario spoofs? get more violent!

mario is a fat middle-aged plumber his only games that are fun are: paper mario,super mario 64 and super mario sunshine.and the only sonic games that are boring are:sonic the hedgehog1 and sonic shuffle now i gotta do my review this is fricken hilarious

I thoroghly agree with mistic shadow. i mean, who WOULD like a fat, lazy, ugly italian plumber over a fast, cool, whup-ass, cool, blue, cool hedgehog? XD

This is better than anything you could make. Plus Sonic is cooler than Mario and could kick his ass any day.

most things with mario of nintendo characters are good and this is great. please make more.

he is NOT abusing mario hes just think what would happen if or sumthin like that. another thing sonic is cool(but thats my opinion). this is all in the fun of video game parodies i saw ure other review for this sequel and i have to say they guy after you was right. anyways i got as review to write *ahem*

this cartoon is kickass i especially liked the homer sounds used in this flash. i hope u can think up more ideas 4 mario mishaps 3

You have a stranger yet funny mind in making these types of flash movies. Keep it up!!!

That was the funniest thing i think ive ever seen on newgrounds. you have a strange yet funny mind. you deserve five Shways!!!
P.S. Mario needs to shave his chest if he wants to get some frome the princess.


MARIO GOES CRAZY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Awesome! I LOVED the first scene with the lightning bolt! Nice use of the Homer Simpson voice fx! Bravo!

Oohh... I'll NEVER look at Super Mario the same way ever again!

A classic! You had me chuckling all the way! Some of the scenes were actually too excrutiating to watch *cough* vine scene *cough*. The last two scenes using Homer Simpson's voice overs was a great touch, and the bulging eyes fit in nicely with the sprites. Great job!

Oh, and one more thing... thank you so much for warping my innocence by showing Mario going crazy! *washes eyes out wish battery acid*

this shit is sooo funny, it cracks me up every time i watch it. major props on the sound department, the screams were dead on hilarious, especially the homer ones. funny stuff, make more!

that was great although it was a bit on the short side.

Man that was just too funny
Only a bit too short
Make more plz

Dude that was funny as hell make more!

that was nice especially when mario jumps on the axe and cuts off his foot can't wait to hear from you again

the best ive seen on this site so far. Make another longer one please

god damn! thats some funny stuff!
i piss myself every time i think of broken poles

Dude! That was fuckin' hilarious! I loved it so much I actually pissed myself! Keep doin' more of these whenever you get the ideas. That was fuckin' great! Keep it up! Great job!

This is one of the funniest things on Newgrounds that i've ever seen! Especially when Mario goes crazy HAHAHAHAHA!!!!

That certainly adds a spin doesn't it.

LOL hahhahaha!!! that was too funny, never really thought about mario that way hehehee..

Kinda short, but funny! Nice work!

funny funny funny king cosby is in love

Just the first scene caught me so off-guard... I'm literally in tears laughing!

I never would have thought about these things, and now I'm kinda glad that you were able to bring them to light. Thank you! :-D

Congrats on a hilarious Mario Parody, the graphics were awesome for just sprites, and the skits were funny as hell, especially the 'Axes Are Sharp' one. And we here at Nightmare give this submission.. a 5 out of 5.

thats all i gotta say cause this was so funny. Man makin Mario look stupid is real funny

HAHA! funniezt thing ive ever zeen on newgroundz. make more! zo awezome!


it was pretty funny it made me laugh but i wish was longer ...

that shit is fuckin hella funny. poor mario goes crazy and yet still got tha time to sound like homer simpson.heheh.

lol this is some funny crap man lol

A pretty cool spoof of Mario, complete with what sounds like Homer Simpson in the "vocals" .

it was great from being to end. as all the classic sound and the humor is great

poop king of all

It was really funny but really can you make more things then things going up his ass tsk tsk tsk but it was still funny :)

DUDE!!! This was Fukin hilarious.

i lafed i dident cry but i did laf funny stuff dude.

first. Benork can go fuck himself for all i care. second this movie made me laugh twice as long as the movie itself. the homer voiceovers were new and good.

Why in the fuck do you people like this peice of crap? I like mario like most people do and I'm not some idiot who is coming in here to say why did you disgrace him because that is a ridiculous thing to say.

This flash was just godawful...it was a few seconds long with nothing but stupid moments from mario turned into garbage and him running around naked with homer sounds. The Simpsons are good but c'mon...that is just plain not funny and me takin a picture of shit would be a better flash than that I really have no clue why this is on the front page and why so many of you like it.

You either are a little boy that would laugh at anything or are drunk or high out of your mind to think this peice of shit is actually somewhat hilarious. Me and my friend watched it and we didn't so much as crack a smile...it was incredibley disappointing to see such garbage.

10 for the graphics considering back in the stoneage of video games 16 bit games were choppy to begin with. 10 for sound, because the original is the best, and the voice overs were hilairous, 10 for style because aeproductions kicks ass, and video game parodies rock! 10 for humor coz, it was...well...FUNNy duh, iight peice out naw-gaz

the streaking was the funniest part, and the voice overs were fukin halarious

rock on,,, this was uber funny man,,, especially the broken flag pole,, awww oahhh eeeeee

) < It's not like pain from sharp objects isn't good, but the variety of mishaps was limited to sharp objects, it seems. Except for the first one. Great film though.

damn anyone that has not seen this flash is missing out on what could be this years best flash

That was great, I only wish it was longer. :(

That was actually pretty neat and original. I'd like to see Princess Toadstool or whatever the fuck her name is involved somewhere.

You really should make a sequel, maybe with Giana Sisters thiis time. I would like to see them streaking through the whole stage:)

ya shoul make it longer tho, all funny stuff, but like u said short, add some more n id give it a 5, so 4/5, great stuff, keep it up

How about some other video game mishaps?

That was awesome, but I recognized something, the voice used for Mario, that was Homer Simpson wasn't it? Well anyway, you guys did a spectacular job on this, I can't believe how stupid this really was, and how much it made me laugh!

First off, this is way to short, there's only 5 little "mishaps" that last less then 8 seconds each, except for the Probing Vine. And 3 of the 5 here show something happening to Mario in a gay way, which was pretty wrong. When you have to depend on a naked Mario and things going up his ass for a good Flash, you're not impressing me. The first two were really funny however, I liked the Axe one the best, it was really funny. Graphics and sound are you're standard Super Mario type, with a few extras. This guy has talent, but when used to show things going up Mario's ass and him running around naked with a Homer Simpson voice, it's wasted.

This is the funniest thing i ever seen in my life i hope u can make more in the future

That was freakin awesome man! I just got done watching TV bored i watch this video and start laughing my arse off! Genius man Pure Genius!

I love the part with him going crazy! Nice selection of screaming insanity!

I was laughing for about 20 min. when i saw this

I laughed my ass off, my fav part was when he jumped on the flagpole and lightning struck it and he cauget on fire.Nice job, I will watch it again now.

That was SO cool i viewed it 5 times.
How do u come up with that.
The broking flag pole and naked mario where the best

That was the awesomest flash on here. Mario running around naked at the end was HI-LARIOUS

So funny. Perfect voice acting and the Mario goes crazy scene is classic. I wish the movie was longer. Check out this flash!

I have always hated mario because i could never complete it! It was to confusing. To see al that happen to him was funny and relief. Kind of like if Goldfinger beet James Bond.
You dont need to hate mario to love this flash

That was good...ONLY KIDDING!That was one of the funniest flash ive eva saw!Great job!


Yo Man, I Cried Laughin When I Heard Tha Homer Screaming From Tha Hawloween Episode, Where Do U Ppl Get Those Ideas lol, Keep Tha Shiz Up N U Can Prolly Get A Small Series, Only Thing I Didnt Like Bout This Movie Is It Wasnt Long Enough, Lost My Stiffy When I Saw Tha Word "Credits" Pop Up.

***** obviously!

Ha ha. That was great! One of the funniest movies I've seen on newgrounds in a while! The graphics were excellent. The sounds were really excellent and added to the humor of the movie (especially the Homer screams)! Having played the game before really added to the humor. I'm going to show this to all my friends! Excellent! Now to go watch it again... and again... and again... etc...

I dont know wat to say, but I know it's funny realy funny

Damn! I never thought i would ever see some funny shit like this!! So fricking funny i almost peed in my pants!

I was laughing so hard... That was awseome. It was like mario and jackass all roled into one. I would love to see other games in there too.

real funny man lmfao only suggestion make it longer more of those clips there so funny man hope u make another

lmmfao thats so great you so need to do a sequal to this XD

Way to go man, that was pretty cool, hope to see some more like that, short n sweet. All in all, cool movie, and the Homer voice-over was cool.

Po' mario hahah, it was good laughs though, tanxz

i love me some naked mario and that's all i got to say.

From all the Mario bros. video's i've seen, I think that's one of the best!

It was better then the Mario Bloopers. But I think Mario Bloopers was funnier.

Funny stuff. It was short too. Perfect.

I don't usually laugh out loud at these movies, but this one had me rollin. Good work!

It was funny. Make more. Goods use of Home Simpsons sounds

Definatly worth a view..ma type of movie, short and funii.Good concept on dis one, a longer one WOULD be better but this is good enuff since u did say it was short.Give it a try peoples.

its gettin a 4 from me


Good sprite movie. Very funny.


aye dis some crazy shit

no man should take a flagpole in the ass

they need to make some more of these and give some hints to the other people

Okay, that was one good spoof of mario.

I it and loved it enough to watch it again.

I liked the "sharp axes" and "Mario Goes crazy" scenes.


Some of the sounds could be better. Like the puke. needed a splat instead of a thud.

Anyhoo, That was great, and I look foreward to more.

that was funny! but it was shorter than i though it would be

That is The greatest Movie! lol i was wondering why dont you get cut jumping on the axe in the original game.lol

THAT WAS AN AWSOME MOVIE! I like ur others too. please keep up the good work. my favorite is Super Mario Bloopers

It was a good Film, but it needed more blood uzing, violence, and more of it, Like 5 Bloopers is bullshit. Bring on like 20 or so next time you try this one out.

It doesn't deserve the front page anymore.

Please for the love of god I want more

Lol its pretty funny but it kind of is lame and scary-gay, like micheal jackson

I like the mario parody's but after a bunch of them it gets kinda lame but keep up the good work there still pretty funny.

Dude you hade some fun with this didn't you, keep up the good work, just add some of the other characters too, a little variety never hurt, otherwise awesome job.

This was great! Fast and simple, but worth the wait. You should make some more with other characters :D

Everything happend so randomly, you didn't know what would happen next! XD Great job!

I don know where u thought of this but go back and do it again -peace

This movie rules, I watch it everyday and laugh everytime. You gotta make more like this.

I cannot believe how predictable this all is.
Never was I surprised, which is comedy's no 1 weapon.
People don't need to be be told what's gonna happen I'd say.

This flash was short and simple, but boy did it make me laugh! It's the voices that really put the icing on the comedy cake, such as Homer Simpson's freak out used in the last scene. Funny stuff.

Yep good old fashioned instant violent fun.
Good job

that was really the funniest nintendo feature i've ever seen. that would be great if they made a game like that on newgrounds.

I enjoyed it if you are a Mario Fan you will find this funny.

i thought this was real funny good job

The graphics seemed vintage...even the pixelated puke! The sound was very well done (I loved the 'Homer going crazy' bit)..Hillarious and very wel done...all 10...not sure why some people voted 10 for interactivity...there really was none...except maybe the intro...

no gay story line, no serious bullcrap, it was great this is my favorite kind of flash.

This was sad,....just sad

I was just waiting for someone to do something like this...it's hilarious... 10000/10

that wasn't funny at all...

just a piece of shit...

Simpsons sounds!

I woulda liked more...

I think the only funny part was the electrocution

That was so freaking awesome! Make more!

Haha,that was awesome. I love video game parodies, so I loved this too!

i like the part where it says who broke the flagpole! ahahahahahahaha!!!!! that was funniest mario thing i saw in my life lol! oh and uh my friend says that its fucking AWSOME! KEEP UP GOOD WORK!!! OH AND IF U MAKE ON EMORE MAKE MORE OF THESE SCENES LOL!

lol. Nice work, and good use of the homer soundboard :p, they fit pretty well. The one where Mario goes crazy is my fav. Haha, good stuff..

I was laughing the whole way through nice work with it, make some more.

Instant Newgrounds classic. I look forward to more material from you! Great job.

Good... GOOD !!!

I'd hope to see your next Movie SOON !!!

Great humor! I loved it. Thanks man, I so voted you a fiver.

Very good humor.

Mario goes crazy is funny :)

I loved the homer simpson noises .Make more like this.

It's really good but maybe u shud make a long one for a change or even better make a mario game where u control him and make him all crazy shit...Keep up the good work

Ok, this redeems the portal...guess i'll remain a patron. Keep it up guy...unless theres an axe or broken flagpole around.

that was so freakin awesome....its freakin hilarius in like what...less than a minute? wow thats great, id love to see more stuf fliek that

This is great, graphics are nice sound is crisp(espically Homer's soundclips) but this is very imaginitive to think up most of this stuff, and you also showed off the most obvious thing..why in the hell doesn't mario get hurt when he lands on the damn axe...great job man, you have some serious potential. The Crazy Mario was a nice touch too.

/Good Flash/

Fucking hilarious.

Wow! you did a really good job on this clip. It was great.....i think im gann watch it again!

*click on the link to watch it again*


three leters. w....t....and f.


omg that was hilarious

I loved it. The use of Homer's voice was perfect. Keep it up!

LOL!!! That made me laugh my ass off. Esp. thee axes are sharp one. Keep it up!

ha-ha thats was funny! The best part is the last one! heh ^_^

this was great i beg you to make anather one plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

this shit is fucking funny

This is the best ever you know what would be really funny a Link one that would be fucking hilarous.


This is kewl shit. :0

This Is a True LOL Video,Man you should for sure make a number 2 and make sure to have the hommer voice in it its a classic like Shark408 said.

it was ok...but maybe i dont like it cuz of my whole "ban nintendo" thing.

That was great. Short but great. keep up the great work. 10 out of 10.

That is the funniest mario parody I have ever seen! And the Homer voice for crazy mario is an instant clasic.

great mario parody! i liked the way you used homer simpson's voice when mario went crazy lol!

this is the best mario parody ive ever seen.dude, u gotta make a second one. this. . . is a favorite. . .

This was a great flash movie, nude Mario at the end was hysterical. short, but good flashes don't need to be lengthy. fantastic job

that shit was pretty funny...
good work

very funny make more on diff types of games i like when he jumps on the axe lol creators either didnt have the tech at the time to make it look even a bit better or jus didn think o that very original

That was pretty good but it needs to be longer. I especially like the Homer Simpson sounds.

good but needs to be longer. also you didnt thank homer simpson for some of the voices - he deserves credit!

good though it does need to be longer

I wish you had made it longer

Oh man, that was some great stuff. Best Mario movie I've ever seen on NG. Truly great work indeed. Only bad part - Not long enough. I could've watched stuff like that for five, maybe ten minutes. Either way, great job!

Man you got something good going here i loved it and all the voices were Homer you shoild make one like thta only with Leugi that would be funny as hell.

This is an excellent flash. The parody of super mario really hits the spot, cause theres not many who dont know who mario is. The only bad thing about this flash is that its so shor. Keep it up!

The movie could have used a few more outtakes, but it was good they way it was. Gotta love the Homer soundbites though. :D

This is real fucking funny.

Especially the last one. But you do realize the credits are longer than the movie itself, right? Good choice of music though.

The video was too short and it wasn't all that funny, but it still was a nice video.

i never thought i would see some thing that funny about mario again

GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRREAT! keep up the gud work

Made me laugh alot,outtakes on video games are always hilarious,keep it up dude.

quite comical, especially when mario landed on the broken pole. although I did expect him to slide down it and there to be a polished window sound added to top it of but hay you can't always get what you want, hehe.


Man old school stuff is always cool LOL, and i liked the music you used i just wish it was longer, id give it a TEN! IMO it was nice...i dunno maybe im just a sucker for NES

that was the shiz night! -Master Shake-ATHF


are off the riktor scale dude u fuckin rock i laughed so hard i literally fell off my chair and spilled my pop now im sad cuz that was my last pop :( o well if i could give it a twenty i wud but i cant so ill settle for ten...

They were all great, but the very first one with the flagpole was the best. Was that Homer Simpson making the noises?

Whatever. Meh, it was ok, but not anything spectacular. Two or three times as many shorts would have been nice.

I liked the conducting flagpole...other than that, it's pretty average stuff to me...ah well, I'm sure someone on a sugar/drug high will have a lot more fun watching this than I did...

it was funny, violent, and 8-bit... everything i could have asked for. Great job!

Give it a quick watch. Funny stuff!

If there were more scenes it would be nice...

Gave me a good laugh. Sure the whole mario thing's been done, but that was pretty original. Good work.

Mario why have you offended me so, your streaking throught the worlds of mario land have left me with bad images in my mind. your vines and flag poles analy probing you to death. lol anyways nice work dude, keep it up

Nice voice in from the simpsons went well with it.

That was incredibly funny, especially the mario goes crazy part.

i would pay money to see that god danm. lol thats some funny shit.

Enough said......... LOL

that broken flsgpole part looked painful...i mean ouch.enuf to make any mario go crazy............BLHAHAHAHMAHJAHAHSVFHCDC

Good idea, bad presentation. I have to agree with everyone else that it is pretty short, but I'm going to disagree and say it's not too funny. At best, I smiled weakly. All of the 'mishaps' are kind of stupid....most of them are of Mario being injured in stupid and horribly animated ways: impaledon a flag pole and on a plant stalk, landing on an axe, being electrocuted.
A few more hours of thought put into this before starting to animate it would have probably gotten a 9 or 10...I'd be ashamed to give it more than a 5, and that's stretching it.
NOTE: People, there was NO interactivity....start giving 0s in interactvity when there is none!

Haha, damn, WTF was that. LOL, it's hilarious.

this thing is fucking hilaurous. keep up the good work

brav fuckin o that shit is funny as hell and im not sure but it sounds like you use homer simsons voice for mario if so nice.this shit is so freakin kool. i give it 5 out of 5 bitch slaps with a donkey punch on the side!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hey...that was....good...great
this is really a fine piece of flash lol
good job buddy
funny as hell

Hahah that was funny! its pretty good! XD

Great!... nothing could make this better except a extended version. If you dont think so.. go phukurself!!!!

That was awesome...there's only one problem.....IT'S NOT LONG ENOUGH.That was funny,so funny I'm typing in between laughs.

Discovering the truth...one blunt at a time.

This is pretty good. I like it.

my only complaint is that it was very short. more "mishaps" would have been nice.

this movie was great with alot of suprises but i expected just a lil more it stoped too suddenly I WANT MORE !!!! ty

nice mario thingy

The movie had good humor and was very original and i replayed it about 7 times. it was freakin funny and i would like to see a part two. congrats on a job well done =)

its pretty funny although i have to say the best part was the mario "goes crazy" cuz i never thought id see mario naked. Good Job!

ahahah very funny keep up the good work!

most of the sounds are Homer Simpson!

not to bad


Nice job on the movie keep up the good work.I loved the movie!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ich hosen jungen. Ich keise hosen. Ich ben ein kertofeln im meine hosen! Now tell me, what the hell does this have to do with the flash I just saw?

Only negative point is that it is a little short.
If you would add more scenes, I'd be one of the better movies on NG!

w00t man this flash is da krunk man

im just doing this out of spite becuse i hate you lol just kiding your very good at this stuff keep it up!!!!! jackass

it was funny but it was too short....it needs more stuff but the mishaps that were on it were funny

Dude, that was awesome. MAKE MORE!

Very nice.

Poor mario :[

Had an ok laugh at this, wasn't a side spilter though. Why is it 17 exactly? its a mini naked pixel mario, need to talk to the censors about that =p

Fucking Hilarious.
Great Job!

this was a good and funny mario cartoonu would expect a basic run through of mario but suddenly funny things happen and u want to no what happens next i would give toon of the year !

I found it kind of coincidental that Mario sounds ALOT like Homer Simpson...good job man,very funny stuff.

like it wonderful liked the bit where mario ran naked it was funny haha

that has got to be the best that ive seen.

man this is funny with flagpole up his ass and stuff im never gonna stand next to a flagpole again

Again, I'm jealous......nice simpsons bits.....nice clips........HALO 2 ROCKS MWHAHAHA......sorry had to do that ;-)

If u put anything with sound bytes from the simpsons it will b funny



...whew!A CLASSIC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

what about homer? i mean, his sound was in there a good 10 seconds and no credit? damn kid, if this was hollywood u would b kicked out any ways it was ok

This was a great video it looked just like the real thing keep up the good work guys!

you could have done alot better than that try a bit harder next time

It was ok, I kinda smiled, could have been funnier though.

dude the first 2 or three made me flinch but mario goes crazy nearly made me piss myself. great work

I love Mario, but this was def. his worst but humorous moments.

Good job.

I loved the sound and those sublte mario touches in the main menu. Most flash on NG don't even have a menu.

The homer voices were very funny especially when mario goes crazy. Hahahahahahahahahah.

I like it - good use of the old graphics and amusing. =)

funny short and mindless.
so very sad, this gets the blam

that was realy funny with the poles and shit.
yeah i never understood how mario could just jump on axes like that without getting sliced. good for pointing out what should obviously happen when u jump on a fucking axe. those homer sounds were pretty funny too but the only thing i didnt like was it was too short. make it longer next time. keep up the good work

LOL! this made me laugh quite a bit. i love the use of homer simpsons voice. good animation. i like it.

*thumbs up*

i like how u used homers voice. original none the less. great work.

A Bit Too Much Stuff Up Marios Ass/Male Nudity

the movie was entertaining

pretty good, just one problem

the sound was waaaay too loud

other than that, good work!


this is 1 of the ng 3317!if ya dont kno wat 3317 ,means ur a n00b,choob, froob whicheva floats ur boat. a little 2 short.

That was the best mario parody ever!
I almost pissed myself!
The best was mario goes crazy.

This movie gets a five simply because of "Mario goes crazy". That was fucking hilarious.

the look on bowsers face is priceless..lol

A little short, but I loved the Homer voice over. More like this please.

This was abit short firstoff, otherwise it was funny, and odd....in a funny way.

The Homer Simpson samples were a little odd

it was great, easly the best movie around.

I love the style, I love the humor. This is the funniest Flash Movie on Newgrounds. I have no idea why I laughed so hard, that I puked all over my old Keyboard. Mario going crazy and the 2nd Flagpole joke were the funniest of all.

though the humor is unoriginal and pretty low-brow...it's funny. the sound was implemented well into the piece...particularly the homer voice used in the flag pole scene. though it is a sprite movie and the actual animation and drawing you did was nothing special, it was funny. good job.

and you can't just blam movies for using sprites. it's a style. some people make their own style...others use other people's style. if you wanted everyone on newgrounds to be completely original, we'd have about two submissions a month. good job on your movie...keep up the good work.

This was a half-assed sprite-death video. How the HELL did this get on the front page? It's well made, but basically, it lacks anything original, funny, or even with any sort of point. Dry humor, overused sprites. Horrible 'jokes'. This was a lot of effort for nothing.

This is nice and very funny, but still, the jokes are mostly about the same thing : something bad happens to mario. It's very funny, but easy...

hehehe dat was funni i lyked it wen mario went crazy i ussualy hate mario spoofs but diz was different plus i noticed u usedhomers voice as mario's preety smart.good work keep it up!

That flah was krunk fo shizzle y'all

Muy funny. i gusto when mario went loco en la cabeza it made mi stomach laugh very hard. estupido!

Ahaha very funny keep up the good work mario goes crazy....!!!!!;D

I thought it was mediocore, until the last part which threw me a total curve, I laughed my ass off!

it was krazy krazy krazy ... but u gotta make it long way longer mybe even a movie i dno i dno

THAT WAS GREAT!!! I couldn't stop laughing!! HAHAHAHAH

after the 8th time i was still laughin' plz make some more this was the funniest flash movie ever!!

I liked this, It brings back memories, Very funny work,Make more,In the sequel I would really like to see the result of mario eatting a wrong kind of mushroom.

Awesome, you DEFINITELY need to make more of them.

that was hilarious specially when he went crazy keep making em!

Everyone's favorite character gets it. What could be more fun!

Could have used more, but the ones you had made me laugh my ass off. Keep up the good work.

I lovede, very funny. Can you make another one, it was really funny.

Watch this!!!

Funny as hell!!!


Decent enough. A bit shorter than i had anticipated, although it raises a good question: why the hell DOES mario jump on an axe to kill bowser? things that make you go hmmmm.


I think you intigrated homer's voice perfectly into this submission. Thanks for the great laugh! I really hope to see more of the Mario Spoofs.

You are not funny. You did an okay job with the graphic work, but the jokes are just pathetic. "ROFLAFOLAFLAFOLA!!111 MARIO GET'S SOMETHING JABBED THROUGH HIS DICK!!!111 ALDRFAOFKALKROAR" Immature humor. This was also disturbing watching Mario for no reason have Homer's voice running naked across a level. That is not funny. This is probably not going to be read since another person is going to post a comment how hillarious this was.

I thought the ending was really funny. Graphics are ok, but the sound is the best quality

Man great movie. But you should have added somthing to do with the rest of the characters.

The graphics were pretty good like just as the game graphics. The style was very original in a good way. Overall, this movie was pretty funny and worth watching again. Good job, keep it up!

graphics like they belong, sound like the fucking mario song>
Damn i like this, I have shown and seen it about 3 times!

that was awesome man keep up the work... ill be looking for more from you ;)

1 question.. on probing vine when he screams.. was that from stickdeath .com?

Like the homer sounds... keep up the good work.

mario goes crazy hahah, well done

this was totally funny!

I usually hate Mario more than I hade idiots, retards, and annoying people put together, but this submission made me laugh!

That shit was bangin'! keep up the great work

I Really Like The Whole Old Style Graphics And Music That Gave It An Extra Spark

If You Make Anything Else I Will Watch It All

Keep It Up

And That Was The Kind Of Thing That I Think Will Spark People Into Watching More

And As For You The Viewers I Totally Reccomend This But I Agree With Jinza It Should Be Longer

It was ok but it would be betetr if it were longer :)

very nice. the bowser scene was my faveroite. the homer voice was random, but still funny.

You suck, this short flash is actually kinda good! Im suppose to be blamming stuff aaarrrgh!!!

I liked it a lot dude. keep this kind of shit up man. it rules!

that was so funny one of my friends fell over when he saw it i liked the "flag poles are good conductors" part that was funny

That was pretty good. Amazing flash programming there, good one. Could think of tonnes more ways for Mario to die though...mwahaha.

awsome flash keep it up

Hell yes, gotta love VG parodies - nice work!

I love what you were going for, and some of the pranks were really creative, but some of the sounds (AKA crazy Homer) and effects (AKA flaming Mario) just didn't go with the NES theme. Great otherwise, very entertaining. Keep on making more, you've lots of potential :D

I really like how funny this was.. but definately should have had more scenarios in it.. but still gr8

This was funny. My shit himself from laughing too hard. make more of these.

Funny, I never thought about the axe while playing, Some of these should have been in the original game, Especially the conductor, Really enjoyed this and my friends got a kick out of it too, would be great if you did some more of these.
Sentai-Man AKA Dave

ahahahahah dat was funny as hell good shit! but i notice the voice was from homer

With sounds by Homer Simpson, this one was really,really good to watch,being a Simpsons fan.And I still think they sould've done one where he jumps on the spring,launches off,then falls in water and gets eaten by a Cheep-Cheep!!

it's very funny the reason i gave it a 9 and not an 10 is because there could have been more scenes,but great work keep it up


it would have been really crappy if it wasn't so funny....and was that the voice of homer simpson?

As a Connoisseur of the aubsurd, it was unimpressive, but as a fan of Mario parodies, I enjoyed this submission.

This thing, while borrowing some voice sounds from The Simpsons, was still funny enough to have me and the friend who first showed me it laughing.


what can I say it was good and funny too.

i shit my pants, that was so fucking hilarious! i love it that the mario's screams and yells are from homer simpson. keep up the good work! i cant wait to see another!

Holy crap man this was like the Funniest cartoon ever.I don't think I have ever laughed at anything as much as I did this one.It's the first thng I watch on the site when I log in.

I loved that! It was hillarious! The sound was good and teh principles were true! Great work