Yeowi the Pervert

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You are a spirit that is loaned a body of a furry and an essence to protect your soul. Learn how to use your spirit power from a very sexy neko named Yeowi! It's so fun, tell your friends and spread the furry joy!

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Good game,just a little bit bad graphics.

its toooooo damn difficult XP

...good game, though!

Played this game when I was in my early-mid teens and was my first furry experience as well as an introduction to yaoi as a purely masturbatory interest. Now, over 10 years later, I can objectively review this game (stupid I know).

1. This game is clearly for yaoi furries in like a 90/10 ratio. The female concepts are either manly, odd looking, or just bad. Not to mention the one dragon-fox-naruto giant belly nasty thing with an improperly placed clitoris. Clearly the artist had no idea what a vagina looked like when this was made. Obvious no interest in female anatomy is obvious.
2. The gameplay itself is fun, although lack of any true progression and no way of getting around those characters you hate in the randomized style of picking who you go up against sucks.
3. Was a great concept, could have gone somewhere, wish I had the ability to animate and make games because I have an amazing idea (based off of this game) that would actually be fucking amazing. *Sigh* I sometimes wish I could just fold my arms and blink and it magically gets made.

Either way, the gameplay still stands the test of time, the art does not, especially to anyone who has the capability of simply googling what a female is supposed to look like.

Also, blue genitalia NEVER works out. This was prior to the blue waffle fiasco in its defense.

i cant seem to play it. it wont let me agree to the terms.

Barf erific!

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3.22 / 5.00

Jul 11, 2004
11:58 PM EDT
Simulation - Dating