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Weird Stuff Shorts 2

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Well I detered of coruse from making Weird Stuff 8, like I always do, and I made this nice short animation. I dreamed of this when I was dumb enough to say, Hey! I want to make a teaser! But basically it became a nice Weird Short. I had made a short before for Weird Stuff, but DID NOT upload it to Newgrounds, for undisclosed reasons!

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Hahaha lol

Hahah, Love the preloader, havent seen it yet,
I keep writing as I've seen it..

Hahahaa! =D
I liked it!
Good work!
Well.. If it wasn't any texts in it it would have been really bad...
Exept wen he splits in half :P

not bad

Nice Mario short. Pipes on wheels, that was unexpected. It was funny at the end where the flag slices him right in half.


This is a GREAT start! It's very funny... deserves a lot of credit, even though it's so damn short. I bet nº8 (why are you already thinking about nº8, by the way?) will be awesome... if you feel lonely you could also try making serious stuff like that guy who made "Smile!" and "Aura"

extremejoseph responds:

uhh hey, I already have Weird Stuff 1 through 7!


It was short sweet and funny. Mario being cut by the flag classic!hahaha. Keep up the nince work.

not bad

not bad