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((( Chill Skate 2 )))

rated 1.94 / 5 stars
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Jul 10, 2004 | 3:11 AM EDT

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Rated 0 / 5 stars

How did it pass?

8.3kb and it is just the pre loader, what the hell is this, better things get blammed while this jumk survives.


Rated 0 / 5 stars


This is totaly can't even play


Rated 0 / 5 stars


how can something be out of order???


Rated 0 / 5 stars

Oh dear oh dear

Not bad you have submitted this about 5 times, correct me if you like, though i must admit i will be surprised if you can count; you seem incapable of writing with an proficiency anyway. When I look at your work the word idiots springs to mind, and if i look at your work that actually has skating in it the word tramp comes to mind instead. I think you fellas or you if im speakinh to one person would benefit greatly from a wash and some new clothes (ones that fit, rather than the ones stolen from oxfam). You really are a waste of space on newgrounds, you insult just about everyone and you waste memory, bandwith? well whatever it may be with all your crappy submissions. Still im glad people like you exist, although perhaps you should be muzzled on locked up 5-9, because we need people to clean the streets, unblock the sewers and of course do janitorial work, and we even need people to flip burgers at mcdonalds; such prospects in life i bet you struggle to chose between jobs.

Are you still in school? no i thought not, i bet you havent even made it this far have you; you read the first bit, saw it was insulting and straight into your reply, its ok i understand; words like surprised, they are a little long aren't they. Now i suspect this will no doubt annoy you, perhaps you will even type everything in caps; but of course now ive said that perhaps you'll keep your cool. Perhaps seeing as you are so cool and collected you could use that to do something productive with your life, suicide perhaps?


Rated 0 / 5 stars

haha, i read your response finally

i read your response to me in rapid skate and now i shall provide a rebuttal:

ok, so you think you're more talented eh? lemme teach little children not to mess with men.

First, your response was most crude and banal. Nothing special and just filled with curses and anger. Albeit my review wasn't friendly, your flash is still way below par - and just as bad as Knox. Both of you guys produce sub-quality material that isn't even true flash. You think you are better than me just because you can get into trouble with the law and skate? I attend Cornell University, and not only am I not better than you already, you will probably someday be the epitome of worthlessness that works for me. Yes, you will probably end up a blue collar who will mow my lawn and do all the dirty work of American society. You should be glad you are intelligent enough to press the record button on the camera and film your so called "good flash." Now flash is an inappropriate epithet for your sub-level production. It's even a compliment to call something you make a production as the work carries a positive connotation. Your work can easily be equated to common place shit. Thanks for your most repetitive and impassioned response. Next time you think about filming your "work" again, just go and blam your work and shoot yourself. LOL, i can't imagine how angry you'll be after reading this.

Masta-GrassHoppa responds:

dawg, your such a looser, imaginging me i'd get mad. dawg, nobody get me mad its just the fucking "internet" im not some nerdy geek ass faggot who take the word son the internet serious. well dawg i dont care, you ADULT. and less see your work then FOO, and at least i do shit. IM not some fat kid that play video games all day. okay?
You need to pipe the fuck down,
cause you making your self look like a clown,
dont be dissin people younger than you,
cause i wanna buss yo ass, dass what i wanna do,
you dont gotta be boasting ,
cause nigah yo ass gon' be toasting,
so im here to stay
dass all i gotta say.

hahah yeah, man, go review my other movies, i'd liek to hear what you say, and "no you fucker, you cant anger me over the internet"
im chilla, not no drilla.

faaaag, i mean neeeeerd (lol that came from SAMV)
anyways, what do you do for your ocupation? i'd like to know, i am a filmer for my dads company.