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Band on the Run

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A cartoon about your friends' band.



Im not a homophobe, but that makes me sad to be a Rocker:(

I have to say one thing and that is you are brave

However, and I mean this with all the respect that I can muster right now; that was the most vile fu%^ing thing I have ever seen. I hope to God that it was all just a joke because I had to turn it off after the first thirty seconds. Listen if your gay thats cool live how you want and love who you wish, but for the love of the almighty PLEASE refraine from show caseing it to the world in such a manner (note that I said "...in such a manner" and not something to the effect of: "stay in the closet"). Your a very talented animator and I respect that, not to mention that I couldn't care less of your sexual prefference. Oh great now I'm starting to ramble. . .listen your talented you do good work, but the content of said work . . . well I don't quite know a politicaly correct term for this so I will let you fill in the blanks. Take care kid.

Got your back Outlaw

Dude outlaw im with you all the way man, this (and those damn ninja pals) are some of the gay, stupidest things on newgrounds all you have to do to get front page on NG anymore is to put out some mild work cuz of all the other crap ppl send in these days. and sense this dude had enough time to make people that looked half way decent and lasted more that 3 seconds, it was put on the front page hands down. And if Outlaw or me gets banned cuz some dudes piece of shit work made it on front page, well thats just great.

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3.85 / 5.00

Jul 9, 2004
4:55 PM EDT
Comedy - Original