Kerry + Edwards

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Just playing around with some found imagery on the web. Democrats responding to this post, please realize this is done in fun for a laugh. View with a sense of humor. Enjoy!


political satire at it's best...

that was hilarious. and no im not republican, or democrat or anything like that, but i am a flash fan and as far as flash goes, that gets my vote this november. LOL and pay no mind to Ltkillemall inbreeding and Pabst Blue Ribbon beer can effect chromosomes.

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HE HE, i knew they were queer

gezus people, its a joke, laugh at it, thats what its here for.

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As a Democrat, I'm not gonna bitch about this, but instead, offer some actual comments on the as a flash, rather than go off on a political rant as too many have already done so far (Seriously people, can't we all just get along?). The way you manipulated the pictures was nice; adding in stuff that wasn't there, and such. The music made it really amusing also, though it began to get old by the end, which you must have realized, since it ended quickly enough. Good idea overall! I hope to god I don't get to see a sequel, as this one was disturbing enough as it is... :P

This was very humorous

I found this very funny. I thought the way it started was going to be something not so good. Glad I watched the whole thing. This is humor. You don't need to bash or threaten anyone to do this. Those who lean towards the left, remember all those movies with GW in them getting bashed. Fair is fair. Good job in putting this together. Loved the soundtrack too. Great choice in music. Keep up the good work.

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Viewed with a sence of humor I thought this was fuckin funny. Good Job! And I'm somewhat releived that this just wasn't one of those haterade type of films like you see with Bush on the internet.

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Jul 9, 2004
10:32 AM EDT
Comedy - Parody