Hot Dog Stand #5

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omg it here


1 word "FUNNY"

the walker texas ranger stuff is priceless.That flash just made my day.

Good movie!

By seeing the name of the movie i already knew its gonna be great! and it is!


Don't think it deserves the mark it's got.
Best thing you got there was your voice acting, congrats to whoever did that, although, even at points it sounded as if the voice actor wanted to laugh rather than read his lines.
The drawings were ok...using two different tools to draw your backgrounds/foregrounds with never works well. Use one tool and stick with it..
It looked as if you only used 1 layer...? Learn the ins and outs of flash properly, you'd be suprised how much it helps. Somtimes you had bits of arms, or bits of the phone left stuck to your characters head, or that counter. It looked scrappy and unclean.
Animation wise, it was fairly poor. That bar just suddenly appeared on the screen. The tweens used weren't used as effectively as they could have been.
Also, holding one frame and having a minute or so speech gets dull. You could have at least had some side screen veiw of what was going on over the other end of the phone.

That all said and done, the only reason this got a high mark was because people automatically voted high on it because they saw it was part of a series and that all the other submissions passed judgement.

Some bits were ok, some bits needed seriously working on...keep going, and good luck with future projects.


Ok whatever, learn to seperate your layers.


it was alright, but it could have easily been much better. first draw the outline of the arm he's holding the shotgun with, it looks like his arm is going around his back or something cause there's no outline on his forearm. don't have it wait so long at the door. draw the whole shelf so there isn't a big empty space where the bartender was, and at the end when he fires backwards, you shouldn't be able to see into the shotgun barrel, it's supposed to be facing away from you.

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3.09 / 5.00

Jul 8, 2004
10:18 PM EDT
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