Underappreciation Part 2

July 8, 2004 –
March 15, 2011
This entry was blammed by our users.

Here is its eulogy, a collection of the kind words written about it while still among the living. They shall live on forever in its place.

Author Comments

Almost a year and a half ago did I submit the first part to this but, lo and behold, here I have the second one. You should probably go and watch that before you watch this. Some jokes might make more sense... also, keep in mind that the first half of this was actually written and animated a year ago, so forgive me if the jokes are stale...and make sure you look for the Easter Egg...otherwise, Enjoy! this is for you, Luke...ya fuckn piece a SHIT


No Wonder I've Always Loved You! LOL. You The Greatest Man... The Greatest! You're Gonna Do Great Things One Day... You Know That Right? You better!

Your especially good with humans, which is a rare talent. Anway, the thing about the keyboard, once again, was hilarious. And I'm just guessing (Who knows why) that you've had some bad experiences with newgrounds. Anyway, this was even better than the first and I think you should make a third. Oh, and the title doesn't make much sense to me. And I think I'll give you a 10 on interactivity just because you want it so bad, you deserve it.

Makes you think about just how many retards are really out there. The scary part is, they're the majority that decides which flash stays and which gets blammed. Man, it's high time someone culled the herd.

If said retards haven't driven you away from the net completely, I'd love to see more of your work.

This is a great flash. You have gotta make MORE!

Jesus man, i love your animations. Like the guy before me said it shows the reality of the real world. Love it man, keep up the good work :)

It's always fun to see that the our bizarre phone conversations, which are littered with obsceneties, cynicism and an overall disgust for ignorance, are reflective of your personal sense of humor. Just thought I'd leave a comment, it's always a pleasure to laugh maniacally at the reality, which your animations, always seem to reveal to mainstream society. Much amusement, mwaha. -Sang

Bah lol not too bad. i guess it was pretty funny, nice work keep it up.

i hv somethings 2 say:
1- lololol funny as hell, i don't know why do u plp complain about the humor, i thought it was great,
2- loved the sound, u hv some taste man!!
3- ya, it had violence!! the command explodin and the little guy fallin off the chair, and those hands.. blrgh!!
5- those who give lousy reviews 2 a film like this 1 r some jelous bastards that don't know doin anythin else than "abusin' the power of criticism", and, if u don't like u don't see, and keep your lousy coments 2 yourselves.
great job and keep it up
waitin 4 more gud humored movies ^_^

Its true, like 1/4th of newgrounds is smart, while everyone else is just a bunch of dumb immature losers. Like red_vii1 here. One of the many examples of a moron in more than one way, thank you red_viil for letting me use your stupidity to my example.

AAAAAND...one more thing...WTF IS THIS S!@$????

July 9, 2004
Reviewed by: Patsan Overall Score: 1

like 3 people marked this abusive, and thats smart...people like this shouldnt be on the computer, i think its a fat little immature 12 year old, angry because hes gay against his own will...
kinda reminds me of...limpbizkitfan320dick...?

is that a real person? thats funny...Great flash, im keeping my eye on you for more. you rock.

I watched it one time and it was the last time!

I liked it make more and more!

I'm sure this entry offended some people. If you are one of the people that is offended, leave this site and never come back. We don't need you.

RedMongoose, that was an awesome flash. It points out the pain involved in dealing with the morons of the internet. I haven't seen a flash do it better.


hey, id like to see you assholes do better.
Anyhoo, i liked it. End.

well im sure alot of us can relate to the new ground comment review blues ...

Dude, that was fucking funny! I liked how the was different than every other one..good job, man. I you get a perfect score!

that was funny. u should make some more of those. and put some good rock and heavy metal in them, that would make your animations better.

this is the best animantion i seen in a long time.well with the sounds n e ways..this is a good job overall.Even though imma just a new N.G fan..My brothers' were fan's for a abt 3 yrs now but i always watched the animations with them but ur work is good shyt!!!too many ppl make stick men..lmfao

excellent job. i liked both episodes. whats up with his undershirt tho? it looks like burned multicolored flesh. it doesnt even match his shirt. lets face it, everybody matches these days. even the "punks".

this was a baisically good animation. the graphics could be a little more crisp and detailed, but you got your point across so thats fine. you need to play with your sound, its mastered really weird. the sound clips and music are up really high but the voices are so low i had to turn up my speakers really high. you had some good moments, keep up the good work and always do better next time, even if your the best.

anything that can ACTUALLY make me laugh out loud is a 10. lol, criticism of newgrounds very funny too.

make more.

Pretty much one of the more honest protrayals of what is on the internet, NG and other sites we've all come to hate. I like this flash, a bit rough around the edges, but I liked it that way.

I agree what he said about the internet! Like if that happened in real life!

Nice work ~.^ Hope theres more? But i do think you need a little bar thing that shows how much is loaded cause i was getting worried x.x;

I really like your character designs and the artwork here. Although the voice acting was pretty good, the sound quality wasn't that great. Humor was pretty good too. ^_^ Good job!

That was so awesome, front page material easy. I think this might be the first perfect 10 ive ever given.

That was a very entertainning flash. I think it should have scored higher 3.34. I like the NOFX Last Caress song at the end :D. Keep up the good work.

im just amazed! i clicked again on that tom tom crazy thing about 50 times and im still pissing ma self with laughter!

Kicks ass. Hilarious. Deserves a 10 just for telling us all to go f-off

This is very fun to watch that guy changing the channels and hearing familiar shows.. AC (EC?)
is a great character!
The newgrounds submission idea was good :)

Okay, bad stuff out first; the TV sequence at the start was too long, and it looks really weird when Acuman(sp?) goes 2-D. That being said, I loved it. Maybe it's just me, but I certainly feel the same way about a lot of what goes on around here. So anyway, the art is slick, the animation is nice n' smooth, the sound is spot on (if sparing). Loved the little "interactivity" bit. I laughed (and here's a 5!) Your point...made. And well.

Pros: artwork, animation, dialogue are excellent

Cons: opening scene is too long, weird character animation

Suggestions: I laughed. Good work. Keep it coming.

(sniff, sniff) Do I smell an ongoing series here?

It was good man, it should have scored MUCH higher than 3.25. You did very well, and there were some very funny parts. Keep up the good work, I had no problem with it.

i was lmao. it was not one of the best drawings but it fit in perfectly and the dialage is what was most important. make more.

Your brand of humour is just the thing I need to watch. For some reason I can't vote at the moment (IP being recoreded already or whatever), but it was a really good animation which is fully deserving of all the acclaim it gets.

Well done. Hopefully the next one (if any) won't be a year down the line...

Yeah, I liked it, it kept me throughly entertained and amused.

that was pretty dam good

I don't see why you'd think you'd get shitty reviews. Your flash movies are good.

That graphics and drawing was the best part, but over all it was good

Okay so I gave a "1" for the violence only because of the random sprites being blown up. Anyway, this movie says alot of things that really are true about movies/users/the site itself/etc. This should get more reviews I would think, um at least good ones that dont start "omfg this pwn3d j00/" or "wtf?/lolz thes iz dum liek u" Overall it's a great flash I'll have to look at some of your other work later on.

kewll graphics, kewl music, funny voices,
this is problably a good movie

yea, you should have updated some of the jokes, but this shows skillful graphics

im not immature, now i gotta get back to playing with my G.I. Joe's

(btw the interactivity of this film was overwhelming, i felt like i was doing all the work...)

Yes.....This was diffrent

i agree, newgrounds is full of stupid nerd idiots.

GREAT!!!! just as good as the first one...no even better!!! GOOD JOB!


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