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I know everyone drink alcohol, drinking too much can kill you or can destroy your life. So well have a nice view guys. Aprox 38 sec. BTW I'M NOT ENGLISH.......


good point but...

i love alcohol and pussy shit like this shouldnt be on newgrounds...

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Widethink responds:

Weel..there is plenty of other movie you can see


It became obvious throughout the movie that you were not raised and born in England or America, mostly because of your terrible grammar. Another thing is your distorted view of alcohol. It CAN kill you yes, but so can pillows, tylenol, box cutters, stop looking past all of that.

Remember when alcohol was banned? It did us no good, and crime rates actually elevated. I drink all the time, and I'm still here. I agree drinking and driving is wrong, but if you're going to make a movie about alcohol, don't denouce it, promote its safe use.

Also you might wanna try it before you judge it. Assuming you haven't already.

that is horrible!

It is so wrong to make light of such subjects as death, and suicide. i don't need to see this kind of blatant disregard for actual human lives. It made me sick!

Need Originalty

I didnt really like it at all, and i understood the message, but it made me feel like i wanted a beer, so i got one naturally. and your grammar/spelling sucks, sorry, but i got to penalize you for that.. and it might pass as a good commercial

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that could make it for a real commercial!

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Jul 7, 2004
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