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Land Bomber

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Enjoy this game.

Land Bomber V2 comming soon.

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One of those games

This game varies from person to person but it is very addictive the first time.I keep trying to go higher and higher time.

Addictive VERY ^_^

Well i do believe it got its job accomplished, which is to be a mildly good game, to pass some time, heh ;P and that's what it did, Let me explain
Graphics: though the ground and backround were BAD basically them being base colors, the rest was good, the tanks and missle launchers and helicopters and airplanes ALL OF THEM, looked very good considering what kind of enviroment they were in ;P. Also the explosion looked nice :\
Interactivity: Obviously i thought it was very addictive, and pretty challenging, its hard to control yourself and that makes it fun to try ^_^.
Style: it man have been done a million times before, but games like this are timeless ^_^, so it wasn't all that bad :)
Violence: well it did have explosions right? :\
I hope you focused on the backgrounds in the second game, that was the only real draw back :( 3/5 TEH END


i liked this version better than the second. the graphics were definatley better on this version B/c of color and variety. it just needs sound and faster gameplay.

simple yet addictive

even with bad graphics n horid sound this game is addictive in its straight forward manner i love the tiny red soviet stars on all the enemies the control scheme could be a little better though spend a little more time and ingenuity next time and u could have a fantastic game on ur hands

shapedafly responds:

thanx but 1 thing where did u hear sound i never put any in :P


Finally! Someone with tallent! Much respect to you. I was playing this again and again and again! Frankly, I dont give a monkey's ass about the graphics or the sound! THIS IS THE BEST GAME I HAVE PLAYED ON THE WHOLE OF NEWGROUNDS!

Congratulations, and good luck!

I'll probabbly write a review tommorow too, so your site can be rated highest.


shapedafly responds:

wow a 10 thanx very much

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Credits & Info

2.20 / 5.00

Jul 7, 2004
5:13 AM EDT
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