Lone Faction

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UPDATE: Part II is out, and you can play it at LoneFaction.com !!!
You must escape from the facility that has created you. In attempting to develop perfectly adaptive AI for war machines, they made a mistake.You developed a conscience and rejected their agenda, so they erased your memory and planned to destroy you..

Take advantage of the lagg reduction engine, play with the "SETTINGS" for optimal performance.

Cheats can be found @ MoFunZone.com



That was freakin awesome!!!! I love iT!! You are the freakin master of NG!!!! I love this game!!! w00t!!

Great game....But i found a bug

I was playing on the first level and I jumped from a ledge and when i hit the ground...I turned invisible and was able to go through anything i wanted.

You made front page congrats

and its no wonder why, it was a great game, very very challenging (i actually decided to review before beating it it was that hard :P) Ok first of all the graphics were damn good, and put together well, the movements were pretty dmooth, and though there was no actual 3D movement, the 3D drawing were good too. Then there was the sound hmmm the sounds of the guns and laser and such were pretty good, BUT then made loop got VERY annoying, of course i eventually just tuned it out of my head, it was the worst part, ok it wasn't anything complicated control-wise and i thank you for that, because if your want a complicated game with a lot of buttons on a computer you'll buy a strategy game not a SS shooter (does anyone agree ^_^) Then there was the originality, though you actually set up the plot, which is pretty rare, and the fact that the story wasn't half bad was a plus but of course there have been a thousand before it. The violence and explosion sounds were pretty good, you earn the 10 for violence, love to see the metal fly :o. All in all definetely a 5/5, and its to bad it didn't get a top 5 weekly because i liked it alot, well i want to see more and NOW :P, ha i'll try to beat it later, keep on making great flashes you two *army salute* TEH END

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Pretty good

I enjoyed it, only one complaint. Make a button for jump, so that the up arrow can be used to aim upwards. That was a severe pain in the ass. Also, the rocket launcher was really useless. It was hard to hit with, and you only had so few shots.

Very fun game!

Very good mini movie to show what you need to do!
The game is very good too!
One problem in the instructions movie.. in the place with the small bridge on water, and hozes, yelloweesh-green walls etc.. the largest purpule/ violet hoze on the left side, it's opening is flipped, the 3D is wrong in there.. just something simple no one is going to notice.. great game though! :)

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3.94 / 5.00

Jul 6, 2004
5:15 PM EDT
Action - Shooter - Run 'n Gun
  • Daily 2nd Place July 7, 2004