TvP's NewGrounds Tutorial

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Another tut I made..I'll respond to all like I always do. Comments and suggestions are helpful.

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I get to learn something I know back to front...awesome!

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make 1 on how to put live film in to flash id give a five to that !!!

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TvP responds:

You just import it in flash, no need for a tutorial which would probably get a score of 1.0 or below. Thanks..

a waste of your time

this is completely useless, why do you waste your time doing this, i bet you could actually do something worth the effort, this serves no purpose.

btw you say you hate the star syndicate because of sevenstar,but his flash movies even if they are short and lack effort are funny and have like 2000 times the content all of yours combined have.

its obvious you have some skill, try using it.

TvP responds:

It may be to some people, although I made this in an hour.

I have made good flash, and my website involving flash is doing REALLY good. You have no flash, so you don't even know what its like. Hah...get real man.

SevenStar sucks, he gets turds of the week, and submits crap. He makes to objects talk for about 10 minutes without any action or ANYTHING. Horrible work. He submitted himself playing a violen with loud screaching noices too. Annoying.

Well, Kind Of Overdone

These kind of tutorials are kind of overdone. There are lots already and the user, Pilot-Doofy, seems to have the best ones, however, I can see you did work hard on this, so I voted accordingly.
Just try to think up other ideas for any upcoming flashes you have.

TvP responds:

Yea, awsome, still... thanks for the 6.


been done be4

TvP responds:

BEST REVIEW EVER! Thanks for the 7!

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2.72 / 5.00

Jul 6, 2004
5:14 PM EDT
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