The Spartan: part I

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Wow i got daily fifth, this certainly is awesome and really unexpected. Thanx for voting and reviewing. And to take away all the doubts, the language is Dutch.


Well I'm amazed I finally finished this thing. Or at least, the first half. It took me somewhere between four and five months(If I tried harder I probably could have finished it in half the time). I would like to thank all the people who reviewed my last movie(even the retards) I tried to take your advice and use it in this movie.

The sequel will be done around october and kick ass.


The best movie i have ever seen!

This must be the best movie i've ever seen i can't wait for part 2!


Dude this was awsome i can't wait for part 2!!!!!

This Guys Comment...

Holy shit. 1)it's in Dutch, not in German,he even said so. Shows how much you pay attention
2)It was based in greek times, not roman. Roman times were mainly A.D. Not B.C. so, the "try not to make it look like 'troy' " was off because you're a complete moron. 3)you're a moron, which is just referring to the later part of comment 2.

Author, you rocked.


Ok, the only real complaint I have is your voices, not that I didn't mind it was in german but it was the quality that it was recorded at that I didn't care for. Too much static and I could hear when you were breathing into the mic. But all that was forgotten, since you have a plot, if you have a good plot, then you have a good peice of art. It is an original idea in some part because you have taken the whole roman-like setting and mixed it with a totally different fantasy realm setting. With some advice though, maybe making their armor look a ta different to give a not so troy feel and working on your character designs would be a plus, but I think anyone who enjoys a good story could follow along with your movie. One thing please, with your next part please don't make it an all out battle with too much blood and guts. It may be cool and fun to some, but unless you have good supporting parts in the story that would just ruin it. Develop move into the story and music. =)


The graphics were pretty good they could be touched up alittle bit. I wasn't sure about the language I really don't like to read through a whole flash. The sound was good and timed out really well. Overall Decent Flash.

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3.83 / 5.00

Jul 6, 2004
2:07 PM EDT
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  • Daily 5th Place July 7, 2004