The Spartan: part I

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Wow i got daily fifth, this certainly is awesome and really unexpected. Thanx for voting and reviewing. And to take away all the doubts, the language is Dutch.


Well I'm amazed I finally finished this thing. Or at least, the first half. It took me somewhere between four and five months(If I tried harder I probably could have finished it in half the time). I would like to thank all the people who reviewed my last movie(even the retards) I tried to take your advice and use it in this movie.

The sequel will be done around october and kick ass.


no dumbass could create this

no dumbass could create this. i accidentaly rated ur flash 3/5 cuz i was watching something else when i was on this page and was tryin to rate that. but i can re-rate it tomorrow. anyways this is awesome! great music good storyline and nice action but there needs to be alot more action if your gonna make a movie about spartans.
(i'm guessing and hoping the next 1 will have lots more action since this 1 ended with arrows being fired).

historical facts

Yeah just a few things I would like to point out is Spartans didn't use a trumpet they used a horn like the one Baromir uses in LOTR. Another is that all the spartans in the army were using captains helmets thats kinda odd. Last and the most important of all is that you made them use bows and arrows Spartans never used bows and arrows since they considered them unmanly. Their squires were the ones who they allowed to use projectile weapons. Other than those pretty good story and animation.


O its realy original and cute movie,hehe i read review,I have same problem as you in LAW school:)
hey i found one mistake in movie,it si 5th catury before christ,in one scene Spartan said Oh JESUS:)hahahahaha how is this posible?hehe
good movie i hope you will found time to make some more flash movie

deRobbert responds:

Yeah, I know about the mistake. It has a reasonably easy explanation. Mainly, I'm a dumbass.


When will part 2 be out? I am a big fan of this and even though i dont speak Dutch, I felt like i understood the entire thing which was awesome. Please condsider releasing part 2 soon.

deRobbert responds:

First off, let me tell you, that I really am quite flattered by you still hoping for part 2 to come out. Even though, I believe, something like three years have passed since I cooked this up.

So considering that, I think it saddens me even more to say that there will not be a part two. I am currently terribly busy with law school and because of that I do not have the time anymore to focus myself on such a time consuming hobby as flash animation.

I am however trying some other, very different creative stuff. But the nature of that wouldn't lend itself very well to newgrounds.

Anyway, thanks for caring and the support!


inspiring, well made, and left me wanting more, plz follow up on this cant wait

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3.83 / 5.00

Jul 6, 2004
2:07 PM EDT
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