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July 6, 2004 –
September 1, 2010
This entry was deleted.

Here is its eulogy, a collection of the kind words written about it while still among the living. They shall live on forever in its place.

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Okay, one of the problems is that you say the flash is gone, when it is in fact not. I see the clip of mario andluigi jumping. Okay, so it's not the best clip, but if you want your flash deleted you have to eet rid of that, replace the icon with a red x, and pm wade or someone askign for its deletion. As for the flash itself, it could have defintely been better. They kill Bowser, nothing really happens.

You think you can fool us into thinking this movie was deleted? Guess again! But It was cool though.

What the hell is this? No plot whatsoever, and the rating is COMPLETELY wrong. Like six seconds and bowser falls in the water, then what? How did this noit get blammed?

That's all i gotta say really.

Mario jumps on the bowser and bowser falls on the water?! Why did u submitted this on newgrounds?

First off, there is no reason to submit something like this! I submitted something and it got blammed but at least it wasn't 10 seconds long! If you really think any or us will even like that crap, think again! If you have any other submissions I AM going to look at them now! You better not make me mad. You WILL NOT like me when i'm mad!

Dude. I know this is supposed to be gone but wtf? Why did you put a lame mario animation there?

Still didn't like having to click next. The ending could have been better, lost the humor there. Well at least for me It did.

was that supposed to be funny?


That's sick. Never use Luigi in your movies again!!

this movie was shitty,seriously luigi took a shit, i think i'm about to puke *_* oops already did!
good job!

this is funny as butt. make more funny isht like this agen haiight? ight 1

hahahah great work adam you suck funny

this is great anyone who hates it should lick peanut butter from their moms vagina plz make a sequel it was really good vote 5 for me im adding it to favorites to you are my hero

YOU TWISTED FREAK! i agree with some peeps, u did ruin mario! Im sorry but you deserve nothing but death.

i thought that was extremely funny. good work.

you have one real sick sense of humour you freaks

you assholes, you ruined mario, man blam this fricking nonsense

blam it now, BLAM IT NOW!

Why wasnt this blammed

Why did you waste your time on this abomination? Jesus, all you have is ass and fart jokes. Very weak dude, shame.

but it was halarious

I have to say...that was a really bad flash cartoon...-_-;;

This is the worst thing iv ever seen on newgrounds the last guy said sorry in his review i say go eat that shit if you actualy think thats funny. I say improve you skills and then start puting things on newgrounds stick movies are better than that

I read all the reviews first and figured "it can't be that bad..." but then I watched it.

Having to click next on every speech ballon is EXTREMELY annoying!!! And it wasn't even funny. I surpassed this kind of humor when I was in kindergarten.

Try again. Or better yet, don't try again.

Why not try some sprite animation next time because dude...you can't draw. Also...lose the frogger music...if yer gonna do Mario shit, what the fuck is the point?

why do people keep giving this zero, this is a quality movie and people need to realize that. it is very funny, whoever finds this sick is a pussy


wtf is all I can say man

WTF!? How the hell did this pass. I know you can do better man, but this is SHIT!(literally)
Must of submitted this crap on a day when a bunch of freaks were on the site.

worst episode ever...

I can't believe you passed the judgement section, but plz do it better next time.

sorry man, but that just wasnt good. try getting some new material... instead of the same joke two times in one submission. Also, better artwork wouldnt hurt either

I did like the addition of the Super Mario Super Show theme song though, that was $$$

i'll give u some good suggestions....I can Tell u put time into ur work..so please don't discard my review..
1) video 1 doesn't work
2)just keep working on graphics:D
3) work on sound

Have a fun time with flash and don't give up!!!

well...Luigi's ass seems to fulfill what I'm gonna say.loads of shit.Oh,and BTW.Episode 1 doesn't work.

What the fuck was that?!?!?! It sould take me five minutes to make something like that...

One episode doesn't work and the other features shyt coming out of Luigi's ass.

Congradulations, you are now responsible for killing 23,495 brain cells per person that sees this.

Now go cover your head in plastic wrap. Make sure it's packed in nice and tight.

episode 1 doesnt work

I really did not have to know what Luigi's ASS HOLE looks like. This isn't really funny at all (sept maby the spanish part), and it is my firm belief that it should be blamed. Good day to you sir

ughhh...so sick and twisted that its actually good.
however why bother having a first episode when it doesnt even work? you need to fix that. only the 4th of july edition works......

what was that.....


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