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Second Matrix: Trailer

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Good, but...

In the beginning, you put in words for the song, "Neodammerung." I am a large fan of the song(along with its Juno reactor remix NAVRAS, which you used), and, in short, you got them wrong. The lyrics(only for the first section, which is what you used) are as follows:

Asato ma sad gamaya
Asato ma sad gamaya
Tamaso ma jyotir gamaya
Mrtyor mamrtam gamaya

Which means, "From delusion lead me to truth, from delusion lead me to truth, from darkness lead me to light, from death lead me to immortality." I could print the entire lyrics, but that would take up too much space.

Also, all the characters are in traditional Japanese clothing(except the Agents). WHY?????? Trench coats look so much cooler!!!! Also, The Matrix was defined by its urban settings and slick costumes(like trenchcoats and all kinds of leather!), and to not use these costumes is to take away from some of the stuff that made The Matrix so awesome(of course, along with kick-ass music)!

However, I have to mention all the good stuff that was present:
Graphics: Not the best, but hand-drawn and well-made nonetheless.

Style: It was a bit generic anime, but it was still rather good, and the frame-by frame was, I must say, better than I could do(or have ever tried to do!).

Sound: Navras=instant 10.

Violence: Matrix=R-rated movie. Duh.

Humor: The beginning. "Spoofed...

Overall: Not really worthy of much recognition or awards, but still good.

nice but highly overdone

its great and all that your trying to continue the wachoski brothers work in manga form but you realize that not all manga have traditional japanese robes and swords in every one. in the matrix they used the greek alphebet in the backround and the entire matrix story had alot of biblical reference. try to go more greek then japanese.

I like japanese manga and style as much as the next person but it becoming very overdone. try to think of something more original please.

i liked the angent in this one. Thank god its not Smith. so thats more original. i dont believe that music will ever get old either. The characters look original and different for the original matrix so that was very well done.

basicly sequals should be alot different but still hold the same viewing power that the predecesors have because sequals are anoying but this looks like it has potential.

hey its me agian Aris

yo you need to work on porportion but it was all right other than that like at one point i was like i am going to snape that one guy like a twig


was alright, but could use some real animation if it was going to be a real movie, but i guess since it isn't it dosn't matter so never mind, um what can i say, it was fine but if you wanted to be better, just turn it into a movie with story line and animation and such.

Kyle-Mistry responds:

well, it was kind of my second animation, at least the drawings are somewhat better than my first...

That was awesome!!!

'nuf said.

Kyle-Mistry responds:

thanks again, xiou12.

Credits & Info

3.23 / 5.00

Jul 5, 2004
6:01 PM EDT